76ers Win 15th-Straight And Could Possibly Be On The Road To The Eastern Conference Finals

76ers Win 15th-Straight Game In Atlanta

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers won their 15th-straight game, defeating the Atlanta Hawks 121-113.

Tuesdays win set a franchise record for the Sixers. Wednesday, the NBA regular season will come to an end as the 76ers find themselves in position to lock up the third seed. Philadelphia can hold on to the third seed with a win over the Milwaukee Bucks, who are currently sixth in the east. The Sixers took over the third seed after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday 132-130.

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Possible First Round Matchup: Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers

If the playoffs started today the 76ers would face a Bucks team who has had an impressive season despite firing head coach Jason Kidd earlier in the season. Milwaukee has held their own this season and will provide a challenge for any team they face in the playoffs. However, their offense is a bit predictable.

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I am sure this is the point in the article where you expected me to say that both teams match up evenly. My apologies because that is not the case and the 76ers are the better team. Like last season the Bucks do not have a dominant second option to support Giannis Anteotokounmpo. The Sixers wouldn’t sweep the Bucks by any means, but I think Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and the supporting cast will be too much for the Milwaukee defense.

Philadelphia won their 15th-straight game without Embiid in the lineup, who is expected to return in time for the playoffs. When the 7-foot center suffered an orbital fracture, many questioned how the 76ers would finish the season with just Ben Simmons. However, Simmons has continued to impress the world with his raw skill set.

Just imagine when Embiid returns to the lineup. It’s hard to ignore the fact that this Philadelphia team has a favorable path to the Eastern Conference finals. Yes, that’s right I put the Sixers and Eastern Conference finals in the same sentence. Think about it, if the playoffs started today the 76ers would face the Bucks.

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Possible Second Round Matchups

Let’s say that the Sixers get out of the first round. The third-seeded 76ers would then play the winner of the second and seventh seed match up. (Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat). A potential Miami vs Boston scenario would be interesting, to say the least. Both teams are well coached and play on both ends on the floor. Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra has continued to prove that he is a legit NBA coach. Spoelstra has my respect as an NBA coach because of his ability to effectively lead his team.

Possible 76ers Second Round Opponents: Miami Heat or Boston Celtics

The current Miami team is young and athletic and were recently reunited with their leader in Dwayne Wade. Although this Heat team has a solid inside-outside game the Celtics are still the favorite in this matchup. Boston continues to win even without Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward. The Celtics continue to impress with their ability to win no matter who is playing. Head coach Brad Stevens has a system that generally features a high motion offense. Stevens has instilled the next man up mentality with his young team. Although the Celtics are entering the playoffs undermanned they believe in the system and will continue to play no matter what. Both the Celtics and Heat are entering the playoffs with limited playoff experience.

Semi-Conference Finals: Boston vs Philadelphia

After a tough seven-game series, Boston will come out on top in order to face the 76ers. Although, Philadelphia won’t have home court in this series the dominance of Embiid and Simmons will be too much for Boston. Now I know this may seem crazy considering that Boston is (3-1) against the Sixers this season. But since Irving is out for the rest of the season after having surgery on his knee. This is a perfect opportunity for Philly to reach the Eastern Conference finals for the first time since the 2000-01 season. (Shout out to Allen Iverson the great).

Tuesday night the 76ers won their 15th-straight game, can they make it 16 tonight against the Bucks? If Philadelphia wins they will clinch the third seed. But if Philly loses and Cleveland wins they will slide down to the fourth seed. Currently, the 76ers are averaging 109.6 points, 47.3 rebounds and 27 assists per game, while shooting .47.1 percent from the field, according to stas.nba.com.

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