Day: February 15, 2019

  • February 15, 2019

    Harper(less) Phillies Outfield

    Harper(less) Phillies outfield continues Bryce Harper rumors have been circulating across the country this winter. So far most of the rumors led to false hope. Phillies and other teams in on the Harper sweepstakes have to now shift their focus to spring training. A Harper(less) Phillies outfield brings a lot of concern to the lineup. The possibilities of Harper, Manny Machado, along with many other available free agents still exist. But until anything else develops the Phillies have a Major League team to try and win the division or maybe even take a step towards developing a World Series roster. When Gabe Kapler was hired as the 54th manager in Phillies history, the Phillies made it clear for their new direction with analytics. Spring training for the Phillies is just around the corner. Aaron Nola and Rhys Hoskins along with many other Phillies players are in Clearwater, FL prior to their mandatory camp opener. The stage is being set for the boys of summer. But for the Phillies’ obvious voids in their lineup still exist as they did in 2018, with little to no questions answered by the Phillies front office during the offseason so far. Kapler’s rough transition as manager One of the biggest attractions the Phillies had with Kapler is analytics. He brought a dimension to the Phillies they desired. This fairy tale story didn’t last long. Kapler pulled the Phillies ace Aaron Nola after just 68 pitches and not allowing a run in 5 1/3 innings with a 5-0 lead in the 2018 season opener. Kapler managed with Defensive shifts, pitching match-ups, and other moves to give the Phillies the extra advantage. He also called reliever Holby Milner into a game without throwing a warmup pitch. The transition was rough but somehow the team collectively battled their...