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A Birds’ Eye View on Rivals: Week 1

A bird’s eye view around the NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles won their opening game of the 2018 season, without their number one quarterback and wide receiver against a Falcons team that is expected to be strong again this season. Eagles fans all know this, though. How did their rivals do? Let’s take a bird’s eye view around the division. As of now, the NFC East standings are as follows:

Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins impress vs Arizona

A bird’s eye view starts out with the Redskins. For those of you who do not know the details, the Redskins defeated the Cardinals 24-6 with their new-look team that features Alex Smith at quarterback and Adrian Peterson running the ball. Smith was sharp. He threw 21/30 for 255 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. Peterson looked refreshed running 26 times for 96 yards and a TD while also leading the team in receiving yards with 70 on just two catches.

Though Washington looked good, they were playing the Arizona Cardinals led by “Sleeves” himself, Sam Bradford, who looks to be in for a long season. For now, we take the win with a grain of salt. Week two they host the Colts, another team that is in the bottom tier of the NFL but should pose for more of a test than the Cardinals.

Something else to keep an eye on is out of Smith’s 255 passing yards only 65 of those yards were from wide receivers. As a result, tight ends and running backs accounted for the other 190. Furthermore, If Washington is to really pose a threat in the NFC, they will need to get more production from their wideouts. For now, they stand 1-0 and looked the most competent of our NFC East foes.

New York Giants

Eli Manning averaged just 6.1 yards per pass and threw for 224 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. He has a top three wide receiver in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr. and now has Saquon Barkley behind him. The Giants could be decent this year… if they had better quarterback play. The Giants defense looked half decent holding Blake Bortles to under 200 yards. They still just do not have enough to be a real threat in a stacked NFC.

The Giants will face off against the rival Dallas Cowboys in week two. One of these teams will remain winless. The Giants are my pick in week two and will get more into that in the Cowboy’s section below. The Giants just have an overall more complete team than Dallas, who I expect to be pretty poor in the 2018/19 season.

Furthermore for the Giants to have success in a tough NFC, what they need is their defense to continue playing how it did in week one. They need better quarterback play, and they need Saquon Barkley to get in the game sooner. He had a very mediocre game aside from his 68-yard touchdown run. It is hard to see anything improving on offense as long as the offensive line is as porous as it currently is.

Dallas Cowboys struggle in Carolina

Oh, the Cowboys. They looked absolutely miserable on Sunday. The Panthers defense absolutely manhandled the Cowboys offense. Dak Prescott threw for 170 yards, mostly through dink and dunk plays. Ezekiel Elliott’s longest run on the day was 17 yards. The offensive line is no longer a powerhouse, they are still good but have a lot of holes. The new-look wide receiver corp for Dallas also failed to impress. Their longest offensive play was 20 yards, and the offense did not even reach Panthers territory until the second half.

The Panthers defense is good, but not nearly as good as Dallas’s offense made them look. The lone bright spot in the loss was Dallas’s defense looked half decent. Furthermore with a team that could only get the ball at farthest 20 yards down the field in an entire game and put up eight points the defense is not good enough to continue holding them in games.

It is hard to call a week two game a must win but with a divisional matchup against another 0-1 team in the Giants combined with the Eagles (@ Tampa Bay) and Redskins (vs Indianapolis) both playing relatively easy opponents, a loss could be an early dagger for the Cowboys.

Cowboys v. Giants Game Prediction

The Giants played a lot better of an overall football game than the Cowboys did week one. They have a more complete team, a new coach, a better defense, and a brand new running back. My score prediction is 24-10 Giants. The Cowboys woes on offense are going to continue and they will struggle to move the football aside from a couple decent runs from Elliot.

Dak will go another game with no passing touchdowns, but this week he will have at least one turnover. Eli will play a little better but will still have trouble with accuracy but will move the offense enough to pull ahead to a point that Dallas cannot just feed Elliott. Furthermore, Barkley will get more touches than Elliot, getting most of them in half two as the Giants try to manage the clock and hold onto the lead.

Stay tuned

Lastly, this completes a bird’s eye view from around the NFC East lets see what week two has in store.

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