All signs point to Bryce Harper being a Philadelphia Phillie next season

All signs point to the Phillies

Nothing new has come out yet. Bryce Harper is still a free agent, but all signs point to the Phillies being the destination for Harper. This could be because of the news that broke on Wednesday, November 7th. The Nationals offered 10 years for $300 Million and no opt-outs. Harper turned this down, and it pushed the Phillies to the forefront of the Harper sweepstakes. They are the only team that has the money to spend and the big market to offer.

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Why has Harper not signed yet?

This is pretty simple, he just hasn’t. He is going to enjoy free agency because he’s earned it. This is only the second/third time ever that a player has entered free agency at age 26 or younger. Harper and the rest of the world know that there are only a handful of teams who can actually afford him, especially for what he is asking. Just think about the last offseason, J.D. Martinez didn’t sign with the Boston Red Sox until late. Now I’m not saying that Martinez is on the same level as Harper, but don’t freak out that he hasn’t signed yet. Expect Harper to sign before January, probably within the first couple weeks of December.

I may have written this article just to include this

I love writing about the Phillies, and I wish that I got paid to do it, but I don’t. Instead, I do it for the love of writing and for my love of the Phillies.

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I saw this picture on twitter and decided that I needed to write a quick article about the latest news on Harper. I mean come on, look how good that Phillies jersey looks on him. Whoever created this picture, deserves an award. I’m honestly so excited and confident that Harper will sign with the Phillies. Just relax and enjoy this offseason because the Phillies will sign Harper.

Featured Image via Flickr by Dennis Adair.