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Contributing Writer for Pro Sports Notes:

Are you an aspiring journalist that loves Philadelphia sports? At PSN Philly, we are looking for diehard Philadelphia sports fans to bring their passion and unique perspective to our readers. At Pro Sports Notes we want to amplify your voice and build your name! We want our readers to hear your opinions and thoughts about trending topics, as you take deeper looks into your favorite sports team. If this is something that you think you would be interested in, keep reading.

Pro Sports Notes is an accredited news outlet in the city of Philadelphia. What does that mean? It means we work directly with sports teams in the Philadelphia market and major media outlets to offer writers unique experiences to help writers grow their name in this industry. If you scroll through our website you will see many conference calls that we have been part of, interviews we have held and events that we have been credentialed to.

What would we ask of you? This is the easy part! Our writers are expected to contribute 2-5 articles per week covering their assigned team, aka, your favorite Philadelphia team. What?! Yeah, you read it right. We ask that you write about something that you are already excited about and encourage you to dive deeper into to topics than ever have before. We will teach you how to truly get the most out of each piece you write to help increase readership and build your portfolio.

If writing about your favorite sports team, having amazing opportunities to build your name and bolstering your portfolio doesn’t get you excited, then check out some of our other positions listed below. If you think this sounds like a great fit, then look no further. Scroll to the bottom of this page and apply for our CONTRIBUTING WRITER POSITIONS.

Join Pro Sports Notes Social Media Team

Join our social media team:

Ok, so you read the info about writing for Pro Sports Notes and thought, man, I could tweet all day but I don’t really want to write articles. No worries! We still may have a spot for you working with our social media staff.

Our social media admins work as a unit to cover the four major sports teams in the Philadelphia market. That includes the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Sixers. While we may take on more teams in the future, these are the four that are focused on currently.

News will be provided for you on a regular basis to assist with your posting, but we ask that you are EXTREMELY active, especially during game time. When games are not on we want you to post “conversation starters” as often as possible. A conversation starter is something as simple as a poll, stat, this day in history, quotes, gifs, etc. The goal of our social media following is to not only keep our followers up to date with news from their favorite team but to also connect as fellow sports fans.

Posting regularly throughout the day about trending topics will help build our platform into a monster in the Philadelphia market. The term we like to use for social media is “Serious Fun”. We aim to have a laid back and engaging social media experience for our followers, but at the same time we must remain professional on all accounts.

If you think this sounds like something you would love to be part of, then let’s get it! Scroll to the bottom of the page and apply for our SOCIAL MEDIA ADMIN position.

Graphic Design:

Listen, sports news is not always presented in written articles. Most of the time it is a well placed graphic that hits home more than anything. If you love Philadelphia sports and are looking to show off your graphic design work to help build your name, then Pro Sports Notes is happy to help with that journey.

Create graphics that highlight performances, players, quotes and things that simply showcase your talent as a graphic artist. We would send you a .PNG of our logo to add to each photo but would still allow you to add your twitter handle in the image. This will allow your work to be showcased not only on our twitter and Instagram, but also on our website.

As we grow, so do you! If you are interested scroll to the bottom of this page and apply for our GRAPHIC DESIGN position.

Join Pro Sports Notes Podcast Team

Podcast Team (In Studio Position):

Pro Sports Notes has one, single podcast: The Madness with Rob Langi. This is by design and we are not looking to add any other podcasts at this time. What we are looking to do is make this show an absolute must listen for any Philadelphia sports news fan.

We are currently looking for someone to work side-by-side with our hosts in the studio. The position would entail but not limited to screening calls, on the fly research, promotion, and guest booking. We are only only looking for two people to fill these roles.

Over the past year we have booked Mike Mayock, Merrill Reese, Dave Spadaro, Jimmy Kempski, Matt Lombardo, Benjamin Allbright, Ryan Lawrence, Keith Pompey, and many, many more! The Madness with Rob Langi is growing extremely fast and want to build a staff around the show to continue our growth and give the people involved quality experience in the process.

If you are looking to earn quality experience working in a radio studio and be part of something great from the very beginning, please scroll to the bottom of this page and apply for our PODCAST TEAM position.


Please submit an email to Philly at with a description of yourself with contact information, the position you are applying for and a sample of your work.

Once you have applied, please allow 5-7 business days for your application to be reviewed. At which point, if we believe you are good fit, you will be contacted by someone from our hiring staff to continue the interview process. Good luck and thank you for your interest in Pro Sports Notes Philadelphia.