April Baseball Is Over, What Does That Mean For The Phillies ?

April Baseball Will Benefit The Phillies

It’s May 2nd now, and the question that is always asked is this: What does April baseball really mean? Well, for the Phillies, it means this team is in third place in the NL East. With a 16-12 record, which was tied for the fourth-most in the majors, the fans have seen a bunch of great things.

First, they had a winning record on a road trip for the first time since 2016. Second, both Rhys Hoskins and Odubel Herrera are on fire right now. Herrera, in particular, has now reached base in 31 consecutive games. We have seen the major league debut of Scott Kingery, and we have seen him be successful and struggle.  There has been a lot that has happened in the first month of the season, but probably the most exciting thing is that the Phillies still have a chance at the playoffs this season.

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Yes, I know what I said. After the first month of the season, the Phillies still have a chance at the playoffs. Yes, I understand the Phillies are in third place, but that is why it is great. At this time last year, the Phillies were basically out of the playoff race.

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The old saying is that April baseball doesn’t matter. I disagree because, in baseball, April can make or break you. What I mean is this, if a team goes 5-23 in April, then it is more than likely that that team’s playoff chances are done. With that being said, to me, April baseball does matter. Although it is only a month into the season, it is clear that the Phillies have a plan to contend this season.


This is a question that every single Phillies fan is wondering. The Phillies have a winning record and they look good. However, I do not think this is the end of the rebuild. I like what I see from the position players this season, and the pitching has done exceptionally so far. But the Phillies are still missing a piece or two. That piece may be one acquired from a trade or from free agency this offseason.

There are two main targets that the Phillies are expected to go after this winter. Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Both guys are likely to get big-time contracts with years and money. To put it into perspective, the expectation is that Harper will be seeking at least 10 years and $400 million. Whether or not I think that is a good idea is something that we will discuss later this season, but just know that the Phillies are extremely close to being contenders again.

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After everything I just said, take a step back and enjoy the baseball that the Phillies are playing right now. For the first time since I can remember, the Phillies finished April with a winning record. The goal should be to finish every month with a winning record, and you will be seeing the Phillies play in October.

Featured Image: Evie22 via Flickr