Become The Next BP Pitcher For The Philadelphia Phillies


Have you ever dreamt of playing professional baseball? Did you once dream to play in the big leagues? How about being a BP pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies? Well, this might be your chance!

The Philadelphia Phillies are in search of a left-handed throwing batting practice pitcher for this season. I repeat, THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE LOOKING FOR A LEFT-HANDED BP PITCHER FOR THIS SEASON. This is an opportunity that may never happen again in your entire life.


I may be getting a bit carried away here, but come on. This is a chance to throw to guys like J.P. CrawfordScott Kingery, Maikel Franco, and many more. As a left-hander myself, I’m thinking about applying.



As you can see, there are a few things you need to do. You will need to follow the link and it will have all of the information you need. But I will just let you know myself.

All you have to do is click on the link. Next, you fill out some basic information along with some character style questions. After that, you include a youtube link that showcases your skills as a BP pitcher.

This is an opportunity that I have never seen in my life, and I’m not sure I will see it again. This is a chance to be a Philadelphia Phillie. If we want to go into technicalities, a BP pitcher is considered a part of the staff. Obviously, inside of an organization like the Phillies, every staff member is important. But the guy who gets the players ready to smack the ball around the ballpark is a bit more important, at least in my opinion.

I may be letting my emotions of excitement get to me. But if you are on the same level as I am, then apply! Even if you aren’t, why not apply? You could be getting paid to throw baseballs to major league hitters, and see how far they can hit it off of you. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me!



Article originally posted on Tha Sports Junkies 101.

Featured Image: steve_trapani/ Flickr