Lets phight Gabe Kapler

Lets phight Gabe Kapler

Are you a believer in Gabe Kapler yet? Lets phight about it

Are you a believer in Gabe Kapler yet? Lets phight about it

To begin this article I just want to say I want this piece to be more of a conversation instead of me just providing information and my opinions. So without further ado lets phight about it!

Has Kapler surpassed expectations?

To me, this is an outlandish question. But for all of you that are not the Phillies skipper fans, I will ask it. But, here is the answer, OF COURSE, Kapler has surpassed expectations! Kapler and his team are sitting 11 games over .500 and leading the NL East by half a game over the Atlanta Braves.


And just to prove my case the Phillies are ninth in the standings for the world series predictions!


Enough said. I prove my case lets move on.

What is it about Kapler you don’t like?

I just do not and I mean do not understand what is not likable about the Phillies current skipper. He is a former major league player so he knows the game, obviously. And yes, it’s true he understands and uses analytics as a part of his tools but he also uses his gut and judgment in certain situations.

Just to prove that Kapler trusts his players and uses his judgment in situations. Let’s look back to Jake Arrieta’s last start. Kapler was going to pill Arrieta after the sixth inning. Arrieta, on the other hand, had other ideas and according to Kapler demanded the ball to pitch the 7th.


Kapler trusted Arrieta, and he goes into the seventh inning with Arrieta and gets a clean inning holding arguably the best team in baseball the Red Sox to one run in seven strong innings.

So tell me why!

I want to end this article but I want the conversation to continue. Comment on the article or message me on any platform so I can understand all the none Kapler believers out there.

So let’s phight about it.

All statistics in this article via http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com
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