bryan colangelo fake twitter accounts

bryan colangelo fake twitter accounts

What in the world is going on with Bryan Colangelo?

Did Bryan Colangelo use alternate twitter accounts to antagonize Sixers?

Bryan Colangelo has been the president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers for a little over two years. His father is a business icon as well as the former owner of several Arizona sports teams, including the Phoenix Suns. It came as a shock to most when The Ringer reported that Bryan had been using ‘burner’ Twitter accounts to disparage the Sixers. Business ethics is the foundation that the Colangelo family prides itself on most. It is hard to believe that any Colangelo member would be guilty of using multiple Twitter accounts.

Bryan has won executive of the year awards with two separate NBA franchises, making this story even more bizarre. Even worse, Colangelo has admitted to using one of the Twitter accounts managed in the report. The Ringer has mentioned five different accounts used by Bryan, a few with activity as recent as this month and even day to day posts. He also used one of the accounts to share private information about the team.


Does evidence suggest Bryan Colangelo used multiple Twitter accounts?

The crazy part about this entire story is how true it appears to be. A reporter from The Ringer contacted the Sixers about two of the accounts. Using this strategy, they were able to track the activity of the other accounts during the investigation. When the Sixers contacted them regarding Colangelo, they noticed something strange. All the accounts thought to be owned by Bryan turned to private. One of the accounts that tweeted daily seized all posts, and actually unfollowed many people. The people he unfollowed led reporters from The Ringer to believe it was his account. Some of his son’s teammates and old high school coaches were unfollowed immediately after the investigation.

Putting two and two together suggests he was in control of these accounts and used them to follow his own son’s friends and coaches. The content posted to these accounts also suggest that Colangelo was in charge of them. He once tweeted private information about former Sixer Jahlil Okafor, as well as damaging tweets about current players. Star Joel Embiid and rookie Markelle Fultz were two of the players that Colangelo constantly attacked. Not only did he attack players, but former Sixers president Sam Hinkie and any writers who defended him.


One Twitter user posted this hilarious video of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich counting to five, which might have been the number of burner accounts by Colangelo:

One Philly fan was not pleased with Colangelo’s Twitter antics, posting this humorous picture:


How does this affect free agency?

Currently, the Sixers are poised to make an offer for LeBron James in free agency. This might have to wait as the King is already on a team with ownership problems. It could be a tricky situation for Philly to acquire LeBron if he cannot trust the front office. Furthermore, this issue might go on to hurt the Sixers chances with other stars in the league. Many players will be reluctant to join a team with dishonest personnel. The front office is the cornerstone of any NBA franchise. Without a decent front office, teams will not acquire the players needed to contend for championships.

Philadelphia is one of the few teams in the Eastern Conference that is on the verge of becoming serious title contenders. Although they have a great roster now, they will need an extra star to lift the team to the Finals. Colangelo may have put this entire summer in jeopardy for the Sixers. If they cannot land key players this offseason, the front office woes may be to blame. Philadelphia must clean house of Colangelo before it’s too late in order to get the likes of LeBron or other NBA stars.

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