Bryce Harper to meet with the Phillies Saturday night

It seems that the Phillies have been the favorites to land the superstar outfielder, Bryce Harper, since the season ended. On Saturday night, the Phillies’ front office and executives will meet with Harper in Las Vegas. This is the second known meeting between the Phillies and Harper, the other happening during the winter meetings.

What does this meeting mean?

Look, I don’t have any sources. Nor do I have any insider knowledge of what will be discussed at this meeting. However, considering this is the second meeting between the two parties, you can assume this will be the final offer. The first meeting with Harper most likely involved the front office explaining and diagraming how the farm system projects to the major league club. By doing this, the Phillies can show how Harper will fit in, as well as how the Phillies will develop as a team over the next decade.

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This meeting on Saturday will allow to the Phillies a chance at one final attempt to convince Harper to sign with them. There is no doubt in my mind that this deal the Phillies are offering is at least 10 years, possibly longer, and 325+ million. I don’t expect him to wait much longer considering spring training is right around to corner.

Has Harper already decided?

As many of you probably know, Harper is this year’s cover athlete for MLB The Show.

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If you haven’t noticed, he isn’t in a uniform. Normally, the cover athlete is in his team’s uniform on the cover. Here is where everything get really interesting, and exciting for Phillies fans.

It seems MLB The Show knows something. The announcement of the cover photo is supposed to come out shortly before the scheduled time for the Phillies meeting with Harper. Also, you may notice the key-word and the end of the link. “BrycePhanatic.” I don’t think I need to remind anyone, the Phillies’ mascot is “The Philly Phanatic.”

It’s go time

I’ve been confident that the Phillies would sign Harper for about eight months now. If you think I’m lying or exaggerating, thats fine. I truly believe that Harper is a better fit than Manny Machado for the city of Philadelphia. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have Machado. However, I think the number one target should be the guy who is the cover athlete for MLB The Show.

I don’t think it will be the end of the world if the Phillies are unable to sign Harper. Thus far, the Phillies’ offseason would be considered a success. They have upgraded the outfield both offensively and defensively with the addition of Andrew McCutchen. They have traded for Jean Segura and moved Rhys Hoskins back to his position at first base. No matter what happens at this meeting on Saturday, if I’m Matt Klentak the next move would be to sign Dallas Keuchel. That is something I am going to discuss soon.

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Featured image via Flickr by Without Makeup