Bye Week

Recapping the Bye Week on Broad Street

Looking back on the bye week for the Flyers, there’s been quite a bit to talk about in those eight days. The most notable thing that happened was the All-Star Game. However, there was also a lot of trade talk and a mascot that knew how to steal the spotlight. So let’s unpack all that happened.

Prior to the ASG

At the start of the bye week, it was pretty uneventful. Everyone was just enjoying their time off and Giroux and Gritty were preparing for their Skills Competitions. Anthony Stolarz celebrated his 25th birthday and was called up to the Flyers once again. Carter Hart was sent back down to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms for what we could assume was to keep him fresh throughout the bye week.


With the Flyers were on a three-game winning streak, it seemed that everyone was just taking those days off to relax and prepare for the second half of the season.

The skills competition

The only thing I can say is Gritty is a Public Relations genius. In his first season here, he has stolen the spotlight everywhere he goes several times over. Furthermore, he was able to outskate the San Jose Sharks mascot to win the Mascot Fastest Skating Competition. Not only is he a lovable Scottish Fozzie Bear looking…thing, he also knows how to beat the competition.


Giroux was involved in the puck control competition, and let me just say he was very impressive in this competition. Finishing in 30 seconds to take third place, this is where he shines. If he takes what he learned from here and applies it to his control in-game, he could help bring the flyers up in contention again.

The All-Star Game

A final score of 7-4, Giroux helped lead the team with an assist to Sebastian Aho to pad their lead and give the Metropolitan a clear win over the Atlantic. Therefore, the Metropolitan would face the Central, everyone believed it was going to be a close game. Well, as soon as that puck dropped Mathew Barzal and Giroux scored two goals in two minutes to run away with the game. As a result, Metropolitan beat Central 10-5 and our boy Giroux racked up a Goal and an Assist to, solidify that win.

Finishing the Bye Week

So as we drew to a close to the bye week, and the Flyers had a game against the Jets last night, which they won, where do we go from here? Fletcher held a press conference in which he gave us some information on a lot of things. Firstly, Brian Elliot and Michael Neuvirth are making progress, the former now traveling with the team. Secondly, he also called Hart back up (no surprise there) and brought Mikhail Voyobyev with him.

Vorobyov is a second year rookie with the Phantoms, this being his second year. Furthermore, he had a total of 22 points this season in the AHL and could be a contributing factor in beefing up the 4th line.


Looking towards the second half of the season

At the end of the bye week, Fletcher also said that they aren’t trading Giroux. However, he hinted that everyone else is on the chopping block. With no other players being safe, this makes you think are we going to see the Simmons trade that has been whispered about for so long? Time will only tell who will stay and who will go. However, one thing is for certain, this bye week has been one focused on improving the team.

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