Carlos Santana

Has Carlos Santana worn a Phillies’ uniform for the last time?

The 2019 offseason

There is no question that the Phillies will be spending money this offseason. The only real question is, what will they spend that money on. The easy answer is Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. Maybe both, who really knows? Along with spending, the Phillies will most likely shop Carlos Santana. Santana signed a three-year deal worth $60 Million last season, and played in 161 games this past season and has been a reliable switch-hitter throughout his career. Could this have been his only season with the Phightin Phillies?


Possible options for Santana

I have no inside information about Santana, but it seems like the Phillies may move him. The 32-year-old infielder has played basically his entire career in the American League and could be moved back there this offseason. The reason I say this, the Phillies will be involved in a pursuit for either one or both of Machado and Harper. Both of these guys will get huge contracts, and the Phillies have an opportunity to get Santana’s $40M off the books.


There seems to be one real option for the Phillies, trade him. The only problem becomes who will they trade him too? I think any team that needs a productive bat should be in play here. However, I think an American League team fits Santana much better. If I’m the Phillies, I try to get back a bullpen arm. The bullpen was a weakness for the Phillies in 2018, and if you can get $40M off the books while also getting back an arm for the pen, it becomes a win-win.

What does trading Santana mean for the 2019 Phillies?

I think a seven-year-old could answer this question. Obviously, trading Santana allows for Rhys Hoskins to go back to playing his natural position, first base. Hoskins was nothing short of a below average left fielder in 2018, but that really wasn’t a problem. Let’s all be honest with ourselves, Hoskins is not out there for his defense.


As we sit here right now, the 2019 season is in limbo. The Phillies are pursuing Harper and Machado as well as other free agents, but what happens if they don’t get any of them? I don’t think the Phillies would panic, but is there any way they could be better than 80-82? Trading Santana, at least in my eyes, will not hurt the Phillies in 2019. I actually think it will help them. If we pretend the Phillies don’t sign any of the big name guys, Hoskins at first gives more play time to other outfield options. All of which will be better defensively than Hoskins was. The defensive help alone will help to improve the 2019 Phillies.

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