Carson Wentz CLEARED for contact

Wentz cleared by doctors

Well, everyone, it’s the day we have all been waiting for since December 10.  After tearing his ACL and LCL in an NFC matchup with the Rams, Wentz hasn’t seen the field since. It’s the headline we’ve all wanted to read: “Carson Wentz cleared for contact”. Just nine months and seven days after the injury, our MVP is cleared for contact by doctors, but what does that mean for the team going forward?

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How to get the QB back into the rhythm of the game

The Eagles won the NFC East last year. This means that in addition to playing the AFC and NFC South, they play some other really good first place teams. They have already bested the Atlanta Falcons who are no joke of a team. This week they have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who just scored 48 points on a Saints team picked by many as the NFC representation in Super Bowl LIII. Nick Foles is the starter for that matchup. Now that Wentz is cleared his final medical hurdle, how should the team approach integrating the young QB back into the NFL game pace?

What do the coaches do with Wentz?

I think the answer is simple. Put Wentz in with the ones during practice. Start him against the Indianapolis Colts at home this week. The Colts defense does not pose much of a threat to the best offensive line in football. The O-line is looking to bounce back after getting bullied by the Bucs. Hopefully, Jason Peters will be ready to go by Sunday. The Colts have a few good players on that defensive line like Jabaal Sheard, but it’s nothing guys like Peters and Lane Johnson can’t handle. I know time will practically stop every time a defender even breathe too close to Wentz. But eventually, he will need to get back in there.

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He will start Sunday against the Colts

Wentz cleared just in time for a week three showdown with Andrew Luck and company. The Colts game makes the most sense. The Birds next two opponents are really not the time to throw your franchise QB back in there coming off an injury. Regardless of what you say about the Tennessee Titans, they were a playoff team last year and it wasn’t solely on the talent of Marcus Mariota. Guys like Jurell Casey can make an impact in a game. Nashville is not an easy place to play.

The following week the Eagles play the Vikings who will be looking for some revenge and will show no mercy taking shots at Wentz. Then there is a divisional game against the Giants on a Thursday, giving the Birds a short week. Next, the Eagles will see the Panthers and Jaguars, then face the Cowboys at home on Sunday Night Football following their bye. Then they play the Saints, followed by their second matchup against the Giants.

So looking at this logically, if you want to get Wentz in there and have some time to shake some of the rust off and get in the groove before crunch time of the season hits, he will start on Sunday. The next best option would be in the second Giants game because their defense really can’t do much either. However, by that point, it’s week 12, and there is no time for Wentz to work out the kinks.

How will it work out?

I think Wentz is ready to go. He is a competitor and he is itching to get back out there. He has been waiting on the edge of his seat to hear “Wentz cleared for contact”. It’s the same as us fans. Our MVP is chomping at the bit to get back out there. Now that he is cleared, next week’s matchup with the Colts is the best time to do it.

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Featured Image: Curt Johnson via Flickr