a championship season

A Championship Season: An awesome night for Eagles fans before training camp begins

A Championship Season

It’s been almost six months since the Eagles won the Super Bowl. As a die-hard Eagles fan, I’m still not tired of celebrating. I still feel like I need to pinch myself because this can’t possibly be real. Philadelphia is the best sports town in America and now that the city is winning again, it just keeps getting better. Last night the Philadelphia Orchestra joined NFL Films in creating “A Championship Season”, a concert celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles. Even with the constant threat of rain, Eagles fans showed up loud and proud as always.

What the concert was all about

The Philadelphia Orchestra is world-renowned, and they did not disappoint. Dressed in Eagles shirts, they played a series of original songs to accompany clips put together by NFL films. These clips included some of the most memorable plays in Eagles history, from guys like Bill Bergey, Harold Carmichael, and Ron Jaworski, all the way through McNabb, Dawkins, and of course, Wentz and Foles. With the assistance of NFL Films, the concert took Eagles fans back in time, building up to the Super Bowl.


They recapped the season, highlighting plays like Jake Elliott’s 61-yard field goal, our receivers’ most acrobatic catches, and our quarterback’s magical talents. The final group of clips helped the crowd relive the playoffs. The orchestra helped build the emotion perfectly during the key points of the highlights. Think about music building just as the football slips through Julio Jones’s hands in the back corner of the end zone. It was AMAZING. And it only got better as it continued.

The Super Bowl recap

There were two clips recapping the Super Bowl. However, there was one difference. During the first clip, the orchestra remained silent. This way, the crowd could hear every mic’d up player. We could hear Malcolm Jenkins say “come on Tom! You’ve got to catch that Tom!” after Brady dropped the trick play pass.


You can hear Kenjon Barner telling LeGarrette Blount how impressed he is with his touchdown run. And of course, you can hear Foles ask Doug Pederson, “you want Philly Philly?” They then played another set of highlights, this time with the accompaniment of the orchestra.

Guests at the concert

Merrill Reese spent some time in front of the crowd talking about this season and this championship team. He then welcomed Jeffrey Lurie to the stage with the Lombardi Trophy. Also with Lurie was Brandon Graham, who Reese also reminded the crowd, was responsible for that infamous Brady strip sack.

The concert finale also included a special guest. Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce took center stage with his saxophone to lead the orchestra, and the crowd, in the Eagles fight song. It. Was. AWESOME.

The Eagles fans

Like any other Eagles event, it was a sea of green. It was probably the only time the orchestra had an audience full of jersey-clad adults drinking beer but hey, that’s Eagles fans. It was pouring just before showtime, but that didn’t stop anyone as fans even packed the lawn. And in true Eagles fan fashion, we cheered extra loud when there was a clip of the Eagles defense sacking a Cowboys quarterback, or the offense scoring against the Giants. And of course, booed like crazy when Brady’s face appeared on the screen.


It was a typical night for Eagles fans celebrating the Super Bowl. “A Championship Season” got everyone excited to do it all again next year.


Featured Image: Mann Center via Flickr