Clement, Graham Join The Adam Schefter Podcast To Talk Super Bowl LII, Eagles Parade And More


Corey Clement and Brandon Graham Join The Adam Schefter Podcast

On Valentine’s Day, Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement and defensive end Brandon Graham took part of The Adam Schefter Podcast.  Both players discussed the feeling of winning the Super Bowl, the Eagles parade and their plans for the offseason.

From Going Undrafted To Super Bowl Champion

It’s unbelievable that Corey Clement went undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft. After watching his performance this season and in the Super Bowl it’s incredible nobody gave him a chance. Clement was an Eagles fan growing up in New Jersey. He attended Glassboro High School and always had hopes of playing for the Eagles


“Speak it into existence.” said Corey Clement about his NFL dream

Schefter then asked him about some of his down moments along the way. Clement admitted to having tears on draft night for the wrong reasons. Schefter then said “As a senior at Wisconsin you’re first All-Big Ten you rush for 1375 yards and 15 touchdowns and you go undrafted” All Clement could respond with was “how”? Although extremely embarrassed on draft night Clement would turn that negative into a positive.

Clement was asked if his touchdown catch in the Super Bowl was indeed a catch. Clement told Schefter that, “It was 100% a catch.” Clement just expressed how special it was as a lifelong Eagles fan. To score a touchdown in the big game and being apart of this team is special for Clement.


After attending the Phillies parade in 2008, Clement knows what a Super Bowl win means for Philadelphia. Clement, in essence, embodies this team. Undrafted and played the underdog role like the Eagles did all season long.

A Strip Sack For The Ages

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham etched his name in Eagles history. His strip sack of the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The strip sack helped put the finishing touches on Super Bowl LII. Schefter asked Graham about what life has been like to be Brandon Graham since the game and Graham said, “It’s been great.”

He hasn’t had to pay for a meal since the strip sack. Both Graham and Brady are Michigan men, so it was that much more satisfying for Graham to make that play with the game on the line.

“The Michigan on Michigan crime man that was cool,” said Graham.

When asked about how being a Super Bowl champion would impact his life Graham stated: “Its gonna open up so many opportunities to help a lot of people.” Finally asked about his parade experience, Graham said, “man, the parade it was everything. A bunch of yelling for two hours straight.” As for offseason plans, Graham plans to take about two weeks off and then be ready to get back to work.


Fly Eagles Fly

You can catch Clement and Graham’s full interviews as well as new episodes wherever podcasts are available. They’re available every Wednesday of the Adam Schefter Podcast on ESPN. Corey Clement and Brandon Graham get some down time before getting back to work with the rest of the Eagles as their journey to a second Super Bowl begins.

Fuller, Clement & Graham

Adam Schefter talks to new Chiefs CB Kendall Fuller about the trade that sent him to KC and much more (1:08). Plus, Corey Clement (11:35) and Brandon Graham (24:01) reflect on the afterglow of the Eagles’ Super Bowl title.



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