Louis Riddick and Greg Cosell ESPN Conference Call

Louis Riddick and Greg Cosell ESPN Conference Call

On Monday, April 16th Louis Riddick and Greg Cosell’s ESPN conference call took place to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. The question at the top of the draft is all about the quarterbacks. Riddick viewed Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield as the best quarterback available despite the concerns about his height and off-field issues.

Can the Giants Close the Gap on the Eagles?

The New York Giants currently hold the number two pick in the draft. Riddick described them as being in a position where they cant lose. If the Giants decide to draft a quarterback they will have a wide selection depending on who the Browns take. Should the Giants pass on Josh Rosen or Josh Allen they would have a great opportunity at drafting Saquon Barkley. The Giants also have the option to go defense and draft Bradley Chubb. Riddick viewed Chubb as a better prospect than last years number one pick Myles Garrett.

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Could a loaded Quarterback Class Help the Eagles

While the Giants are in a position to add a star talent this could also help the Eagles. Recent reports have shown the Eagles interest in SMUs Courtland Sutton. They also have interest in Derrius Guice however, they will likely need him to fall in order to select him. With potentially five quarterbacks being selected this could help push some key players down to 32. The Eagles could also explore trades as a means to move up. It will be interesting to see what Philadelphia chooses to do in order to gain more picks.

Stay Tuned To ESPN

With the draft less than two weeks away you can tune into the ESPN family of Networks to catch Louis Riddick and Greg Cosell as they continue to break down each player and their best fit heading into Dallas.

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The entire conference call is available here 

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