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Eagles Linebacker Kamu Grugier Hill Needs Your Help

Eagles Linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill Needs Your Help Eagles Fans 

Tragedy has hit home for Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier Hill. His family has lost their house in the Lehlani Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii due to the eruption of volcano Kilauea. Many remember Grugier Hill for his kickoffs against the Dallas Cowboys. Eagles kicker Jake Elliott suffered a hamstring injury and could not return. As a result, Grugier Hill stepped in and handled kickoff duties helping the team to a 37-9 victory. Just three months ago his family watched from home and celebrated as he helped the Eagles capture their first super bowl.

Tragedy Strikes

On May 3rd volcano Kilauea began to erupt. Within the next week, a series of fissures took place followed by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. Kilauea is currently the most active volcano on the Big Island. In addition, there are fears that within the coming days a massive explosion could take place. Since the eruptions began on May 3rd over 2,000 residents have been forced to evacuate. Furthermore, 27 homes have been destroyed with lava covering more than 117 acres of land.


Any Amount Helps

As a result, to help out Grugier Hill created a GoFundMe page to help his family including two children and a three week old find a new home. So far in just two days, he has raised over $8,700. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles donated $2,000 while other Eagles players such as Ronald Darby, Jake Elliott, Joe Walker and Jordan Hicks have contributed as well. Currently, the goal amount is to reach $50,000.


Any amount helps as Grugier Hill and his family work through this difficult time. If you’re not able to donate spread the word by posting through social media. Eagles fans let’s show Grugier Hill and his family what brotherly love is all about as they attempt to get back on their feet. You can read about Grugier Hill’s story and donate below.

Featured image via flickr/ EIU Panthers