Eagles quarterback situation and how to handle it.

Accessing the Eagles quarterback situation 

Nick Foles stepped up to the plate igniting the Eagles to an upset 30-23 victory in LA. He went 24 for 31 for 270 yards and one interception. However, there is still belief that the Eagles want Carson Wentz to return if possible this season. If 100% let that be the case however how the Eagles handle this quarterback situation could impact the team for years to come. Right now I believe that the Eagles are letting egos get in the way of making the right decision. 

What should the Eagles do? 

Now if the Rams defeated the Eagles the Birds playoff chances would have all but been extinguished. But now that the door is very much open and the team still has Wentz active. This is despite the fact that it will take him three months to fully reover.

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The choice seems obvious place your franchise quarterback with a bad back on IR. Foles has been in this situation before and has shown he can handle it. Say the Eagles do make the playoffs and get Wentz back out there then he gets hurt again this could jeopardize next season for him. 

Put pride aside 

Now, of course, I want Wentz to have his moment. He worked very hard last year to get us to where we were and is the clear future of the team. However, what is the point in rushing him back again this year? Foles already has some momentum in beating the Rams. By the time Wentz comes back if he can that could break up the momentum of the team. Also given that Wentz is not 100% he wont be able to fully display his talent.

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Roll with Foles 

The right move is to IR Wentz and just roll for the Super Bowl MVP the rest of the way. Let Wentz get to 100% and give him a full offseason to do his thing and come back on fire next year. Foles is more than capabale of going on another miracle run. The playcalling also seems to benefit the team more as well with Foles in. 

Hopefully, the Eagles do the right thing and handle this quarterback situation the right way. See if Foles and company can continue their roll as they take on the Texans in Philadelphia on Sunday. 

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