Trump cancels Eagles White House visit: Could this be a reoccurring theme?

Eagles uninvited at the White House 

The Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be in Washington D.C today to attend the White House championship celebration. However, yesterday President Trump put a stop to those plans. The President stated that the team was no longer welcome due to the entire team not electing to attend.


Several players including Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long stated months ago that they would not be in attendance. This is further fallout from the NFL’s national anthem ruling stating that players must stand for the anthem. With the visit canceled the Eagles decided to use the day for OTAs. Will the Eagles canceled visit play a factor for other teams?

Trump laying down the law

While Trump canceled the Eagles visit it will be interesting to see how this impacts other teams. The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup finals will both be decided within the next week and it will be interesting to see if those teams decide to attend. After winning the Finals last year the Golden State Warriors had their White House visit withdrawn due to their hesitation to attend. Instead, the team decided to tour the African American Museum with local students. Stephen Curry stated the reason for not attending was because he and the team “don’t stand for the things trump said”.


Teams such as the Alabama Crimson Tide who attended the White House back in April following their national championship victory over Georgia, the Pittsburgh Penguins who attended last year after winning the Stanley Cup and the Houston Astros have followed through on their visits without a problem. While nobody is forced to attend it is interesting how the entire Eagles organization was told no. I’m not sure how many players were going to attend but it could be a bad sign for future Super Bowl Champions. The anthem protests have caused a divide between athletes and the President. In 2017 the New England Patriots had many players including Tom Brady skip their White House visit. Long who was apart of that Patriots Super Bowl team did not attend either. With the ongoing anthem situation do you think this will factor into teams passing on a White House visit?

Player and team reaction

The team issued a statement in regards to the canceled invitation.

Now everybody has their own political views which is fine. You either agree or disagree with the player’s approach to the situation.  Lebron James had this to say in regards to the Eagles canceled visit. James led the Cavs to the 2016 NBA championship and the team visited before Trump took office. James, Curry and other players have been critical of Trump’s approach to certain situations.


It is clear there are differing opinions from all athletes but at some point, there will need to be a solution. It is worth noting that no Eagles player kneeled during the national anthem last season.

What about next year

The Eagles are in a position where they could win another super bowl within the next couple of years. If they do will Trump allow the team to attend? While it’s no secret that not all players agree with Trump there were players who planned to attend. While unfortunate that things came to this the Eagles remain one of the classiest organizations in the league. They pride themselves on their community service and projects to help others in the Philadelphia area. The Eagles along with teams from all leagues will have to decide whether attending the White House will be in their best interest.

Featured image via Flickr: Eleven Warriors