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Episode 37: TRUST THE PROCESS!, Jon Johnson, Flyers Disgrace

The Madness with Rob Langi: Episode 37
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Spring is here and Philly has a revived basketball heartbeat!! After a 52 win regular season, the Sixers are ahead of schedule, entering the playoffs as a 3 seed, and Rob is ready to believe!!First, In Episode 37 he welcomes from 94 WIP, Sixers Insider Jon Johnson to the show to talk about the season and what to expect in the playoffs!

Also, Rob is slightly angry at one franchise in the city, and it’s one that is living by the definition of insanity! That would be the Flyers, who are coming off an embarrassing Game 1 loss to the Penguins 7-0. Rob will tell you why this cannot go without being addressed.


Lastly, Rob welcomes a new segment onto the show, “This is Madness!” This is where our Minister of Madness will discuss some things he has encountered over the last week that has driven him insane and he needs to vent!! As always, Tune in at, or search “The Madness with Rob Langi” on TuneIn, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play or where ever podcasts are found. Embrace the Madness!!!



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Feature Image: Photo by Sports News Today via Flickr