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Episode 40: Sixers End of Season Rant

Episode 40: Sixers End of Season Rant


Well for the first time in months, Rob Langi hits you with a sad and frustrating episode of The Madness. In an hour, Rob will rant about what went wrong for the 76ers in their second round loss to the Boston Celtics. Some will not surprise you, but perhaps a name or two Rob would put on the trading block will! What do the Sixers do from here? How do they improve on this season? Will people finally come to the Dark Side on Robert Covington?? Tune in this week and here Rob spit some anger, some sadness, and even some hate! Head over to, click on the link to take you to iTunes or Google Play and please subrscribe to the new up and coming podcast in the Delaware Valley!! EMBRACE THE MADNESS!!


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