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Phillies miss out on former MVP?

Phillies miss out on former MVP?

Former MVP Josh Donaldson signed with the Atlanta Braves a few days ago. Incidentally what if the picture below of the former MVP’s jersey was of a Phillies uniform. An, not the rival Braves uniform? Coupled with all the speculation surrounding current Phillies third-basemen Maikel Franco being traded this offseason. Why not take a chance on the 2015 MVP award winner.


To begin with, Donaldson has been crippled with injuries for the past two years. However, Donaldson is a career .275 hitter with a lot of power. So then just imagine sliding in a former MVP behind Rhys Hoskins and possibly free agent Bryce Harper.

Pressure Is on

The Phillies have money to spend. Donaldson signed a one year $23 million dollar contract. Obviously, a contract the Phillies could afford. Donaldson brings a medium risk high reward the Phillies should have taken a gamble on.

Consequently, the question arose “Should the Phillies worry about how good the Braves could be with Donaldson”. Well of course especially with the young talent the Braves already have. Not to mention all-star first basemen, Freddie Freeman.

Especially since the Braves have already proven they are a serious contender in the National League East. Absolutely, the pressure is on general manager Matt Klentak, owner John Middleton and the entire Phillies organization.


In conclusion, this signing by the Braves might just be good news to the Phillies fan base. With the pressure on, Klentak has to make a move to keep up with there arch rival. Does this mean the Phillies go out and spend an absurd amount of money?

Well, who knows what is running through Klentaks mind. For now, we wait back and watch one of the most anticipated free agencies in recent memory.


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