Four reasons Sixers fans should forget about LeBron on the 4th of July

Four reasons Sixers fans should forget about James on the 4th of July

The LeBron James sweepstakes are finally over after the King decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Sixers fans had high hopes he would join Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in Philadelphia. Fans should forget James and focus on the offseason at hand, and here are four reasons why.

A breakdown of James’ contract shows just how much he will make playing for the Lakers:

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No King James in the east!

The first of four reasons Sixers fans should forget about LBJ is the fact that he won’t be in the east. Without James, the Cavaliers are no longer title contenders which means there is one less opponent for Philly to worry about. Although the Cavs picked up Alabama guard Collin Sexton with the eighth pick in this years draft, that will not be enough to keep them in championship contention.

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One nagging obstacle for the Sixers is the Boston Celtics, and a lack of James in the east means the conference is up for grabs. The Toronto Raptors held the top seed in the east last season, but the firing of head coach Dwane Casey might spell trouble for the team this year.

Since the King is no longer in Cleveland, Philly fans should expect an all-out war for the top seed. The playoffs will be a bloodbath all the way to the Eastern Conference finals. 76ers fans should expect to see Boston in the playoffs for the right to play in the 2019 NBA Finals.

Former Raptors coach Casey was fired after the NBA playoffs, and won coach of the year despite being fired:

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Kawhi Leonard could be a solid option in Philly

The second of four reasons Sixers fan should forget about James is Kawhi Leonard. Philadelphia has been in talks with the Spurs for a few weeks now, hoping to trade for the star forward. Although nothing has come together yet, fans should keep their hopes high that the team can put a trade together.

Leonard is coming off a quad injury that saw him miss almost the entire season. Regardless of the injury, Sixers fans can rest easy knowing the small-forward probably did not want to play for San Antonio. Although some critics think his lack of commitment might follow him to another team, Philly has the right situation to make the SDSU product happy.

If Philadelphia can make a trade for the 6-foot-7 forward, they would be favorites to win the east, and maybe even the NBA Finals. Four reasons are not enough to do Leonard justice, he is a two-time defensive player of the year and even defeated the King in the 2014 NBA Finals to win his first finals MVP award.

Woj reported on June 30th that the team was close to a deal involving Leonard:

King James doesn’t fit the Sixers system

The third of four reasons why Sixers fans should forget about King James is his style of play. Although LBJ is an amazing passer, he would not mesh well with the current 76ers core. Simmons has proven to be an outstanding passer as well and the team doesn’t have room for two ball dominant players.

Ultimately, James demands the ball nearly every possession, and at times looks very stagnant without the ball. Especially when his teammates are struggling, the Ohio native goes into a passive mode to try and let other players create their own shots. This hardly works out and usually leads to him attacking the rim the next possession.

Although James has the ability to shoot it’s uncertain how he would fair playing off the ball. Philly relies on Simmons being able to drive the ball and dish it out to an open shooter. This wouldn’t make much sense with James on the wing considering he is not the greatest spot up shooter from beyond the arc.

Sixers fans have grown to love players like Robert Covington and J.J. Redick for their consistency from beyond the three-point line. Although the team could use more athleticism from their wing players, James may not fit the Sixers system.

In other news, Philly signed Redick to a 1-year deal the other night:

The team already belongs to Embiid and Simmons!

The fourth and final reason 76ers fans should leave LBJ in the past is that they already have their stars. Although the King arguably makes any team better, Philadelphia fans have already embraced Embiid and Simmons.

From the moment they took the court together, fans knew that the team belonged to those two. Especially after winning rookie of the year, Simmons has been front and center of the team. Adding James takes the spotlight wherever he goes and Sixers fans shouldn’t be quick to hand over the keys.

Regardless of the four-time MVP’s impressive career, Philadelphia wants to pave its own way. The team drafted Simmons first overall and Embiid third overall so why would they make the face of the franchise somebody from another team? Even if Leonard joins the squad, fans will know who the real leaders of the 76ers are, Simmons and Embiid.

Breaking news: Sixers re-sign Amir Johnson

Philly has decided to re-sign back up center Amir Johnson. This is a one-year deal worth 2.4 million. Fans should appreciate Johnson accepting the veteran’s minimum, especially after he received more than 10 million last year.

Johnson averaged 4.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and nearly two assists per game last seasons as Embiid’s main backup.

Happy 4th of July for Sixers fans as the team announces the Johnson re-signing:

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