Front office drama: Sixers can’t agree on Fultz

The Markelle Fultz saga has been going on for over a year now and the team still doesn’t seem to have a clear plan for him yet.  A lackluster career so far hasn’t been enough for the front office to give up on him just yet.

In 19 games this season, Fultz has hardly shown any flashes that indicate greatness. His sub-par 8.2 points per game haven’t impressed anybody. 

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At this point, it is highly unlikely that Fultz ever becomes the combo guard Philly hoped he would be. That doesn’t mean he can’t jumpstart his career somewhere else.

Front office executives would be doing fans a favor if they can add a role player or two in exchange for Fultz. The team could really use a shooter on the wing or another big who can stretch the floor.

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With this in mind, it should be a no-brainer for the Sixers to trade Fultz. Keeping around a player who may or may not pan out at all is not worth a championship in the next few years.

Fultz’s injury has become a serious issue in his life, as Bleacher Report suggests:

How much is Fultz really worth?

Right now it seems that any trade for the Washington product would be a reach for other front offices. Why would any team want a player with such drama? 

The simple answer is his status. No matter how long he sits out this season, he is still a first overall selection in the NBA draft. That means there will always be a team desperate enough to deal with Philly for an injured Fultz.

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How desperate will a front office be to trade for Fultz? Realistically he is worth at least one first round pick. This is due to the simple fact that he was taken with the first pick in 2017. 

Philly hasn’t done a great job managing their picks in the past, especially when they traded local product Mikal Bridges for what would become an injured Zhaire Smith.

While it is nice to think about the shiny new prospects that will be available in the 2019 draft, it makes no sense for the potential the current team has.

One or two role players might be a better fit and an easier sell for other NBA front offices, especially considering how close the team is to a championship roster.

Smith has been sidelined all season, even fans are starting to forget about him:

What’s next for Philly without Fultz?

One thing the Sixers front office can agree on is moving on from the drama of Fultz. Even if he suits up tomorrow and averages 20 points per game, the team would still be happy to be done with the drama. 

Philly would be better off dealing Fultz for a player who can give real contributions to the team. It makes no sense for the executives to feud over his future with the Sixers. 

They are ready right now to compete for the championship, or at least the Eastern Conference title. The City of Brotherly Love has been fairly toxic for the last two seasons, and it isn’t just Fultz. 

If everybody can agree on shipping away the problems that hurt the team the most, Philly might actually gain some respect back in their front office.

For now, all fans can do is wait and see what GM Elton Brand comes up with. Hopefully, he makes a move before the all-star break.

Fans are urging Brand to make a move sooner than later:
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