Fultz decision made entirely by Colangelo

Markelle Fultz drafted by controlling Colangelo

The Bryan Colangelo Twitter saga seems to be the least of the 76ers woes with the GM. After resigning last week amidst a major scandal, reports show just how wary the team was of him. The Markelle Fultz decision might have been made entirely by Colangelo. Bleacher Report released a story indicating his influence over the selection was more than any other member of the front office.

Philadelphia traded with Boston to select Fultz with the first overall pick. Unfortunately, a bizarre shoulder injury kept him sidelined for the majority of the year. Although he seemed healthy towards the end of the season, his playing time diminished. His underwhelming play forced him out of the lineup in favor of other role players.

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Colangelo resigned last week after an investigation by The Ringer linked him to multiple Twitter accounts. The content of these accounts included disparaging comments about the team and private information. The Sixers did not find him responsible, but his wife instead.

Colangelo overruled all execs on Fultz decision

There is no doubt that Fultz had a disappointing season. After averaging an incredible 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game at Washington he seemed like the clear draft favorite. In years past the Sixers have had injury problems with their draft choices, most notably Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

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Embiid and Simmons flourished this season, and many thought Fultz would be a major part of the team. His shoulder injury kept him out of the lineup for months. Team officials sent mixed messages to the media about whether it was an injury or a shooting slump. Without Fultz, the Sixers still managed to make it the second round of the playoffs.

After a poor pre-draft workout with the team, most Philly execs did not believe they should draft him. Colangelo had the final say, ignoring the other front office members and drafting him anyways. The team is not ready to give up on the Fultz decision, but the report shows how much influence the GM had in Philly.

Colin Cowherd discussed the story on his FS1 show:

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Brett Brown almost replaced by former GM

Scandal might as well be Colangelo’s middle name. The Fultz decision has been a mistake thus far, but that wasn’t the only thing on the GM’s mind. Another report states that Colangelo was also unhappy with head coach Brett Brown. He tried to replace the coach with Villanova’s Jay Wright. Villanova has won two NCAA championships in the last three years.

Twitter blew up today with stories about the possibility of Wright as head coach:

This isn’t far-fetched considering how well Wright has done for the team. Brown hasn’t been the greatest coach, mostly because of terrible Philly rosters. This year he showed how great he can be with some talent on the team. He led the Sixers to the second round of the playoffs and many believed they could reach the finals this year.

Colangelo seemed to be a problem for the organization, or at least a problem for Brett Brown and the entire roster. Even if he made a better choice than the Fultz decision, his loud mouth would still be trouble for the team. Untrustworthy execs are a dime a dozen in the NBA, and the Sixers has the mother load.

Going forward, Philly needs to stand behind their players and head coach, no matter who the GM is. The only way for the front office to regain the trust of disgruntled players is to let them know they are the most important asset to the team and no Twitter fingered GM can stand between them.

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Orginal story via Bleacher Report.com

Stats via Sports-Reference.com