John Wanamaker

Philadelphia Eagles receive The John Wanamaker Athletic Award

Eagles receive prestigious John Wanamaker Athletic Award 

Today the Philadelphia Eagles were presented with the John Wanamaker Athletic Award for their historic season that ended with capturing the franchises first Super Bowl win.

The preparation for the John Wanamaker Athletic Award ceremony/reception began around 10 am today. Fans, media, and other award recipients waited patiently for the event to begin. Leading up to the event sound technicians constantly played clips of the Eagles trip to Super Bowl 52. As time ticked closer to the tip-off of the awards, fans, guest, team cheerleaders and Swoop himself waited outside the Crystal Tea Room. Swoop the team mascot made sure that everyone felt welcomed before the big event.


Eagles President Smolenski speaks

Moments before the ceremony began Eagles President Don Smolenski held a mini press conference for the media in attendance. Smolenski spoke about the team’s current stance, the “Philadelphia Special”, how the team can continue their success and the White House. When asked how the Eagles will move on with the core of this team after winning a Super Bowl, Smolenski explained how it will take a total team effort.


“We’ve got a really great coaching staff, a great head coach, I think Howie Roseman and Joe Douglass and his team they’re all really focused. Not only about what it took to get us but also recognizing that it’s a new team and we do have the core intact and we have the leadership intact. We can keep the focus to work hard and everyone recognizes how difficult it’s going to be,” said Smolenski.

Time for the award show

After the press conference, everyone gathered in the Crystal Tea Room as the ceremony began. Fans, award recipients, and guest all sat down and enjoyed a buffet style meal. Moments later Eagles head coach Doug Pederson would arrive in style with the Vince Lombardi trophy in hand. Pederson walked around with the trophy shaking hands, greeting kids and showing his Eagles pride.


Once Pederson made his way to the stage the award presentation began. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shared a few words about the Eagles success. Kenney spoke about the ups and downs of Philadelphia sports. He also expressed his gratitude for Pederson and how he has uplifted this city and inspired people to believe.

Recapping Super Bowl 52

Right before the award presentation, everyone was directed to look at the projector to relive the Super Bowl run. The video started from Super Bowl 52 and ended at the beginning of the 2017-18 training camp. Coming into the season the NFC East was a toss up and a lot of people counted the Eagles out. However, Pederson had the utmost faith despite yelling at his team for a (7-9) 2016-17 season.

Shortly after both Pederson and Smolenski accepted the Wanamaker Athletic Award on behalf of the organization. The third-year coach went on to thank the management, players, fans and the city of Philadelphia. He would also go on to say that the Eagles are no longer the underdogs.

“We’re no longer the underdogs the mask can come off,” said Pederson. Pederson would go on to explain that the team has a target on their back and they are looking forward to the challenge. With all the distractions this offseason the Eagles seem focused and ready to defend their title.

Opening night

Ultimately, beating Philadelphia will be a difficult task for teams this season. Do not count the Super Bowl Champions out as they continue to add awards and trophies to their franchise. Philadelphia will start their season on Thursday night football against the Atlanta Falcons at 8:20 pm.

Featured photo; Zackery Rogers via iPhone.