Is this a lost season for Carson Wentz?

Wentz season in jeopardy 

The Eagles currently sit at 6-7 and their playoff chances are hanging by a thread. A trip to L.A to face the high powered Rams will determine the Birds fate. A win and the Eagles still have a shot at the wildcard. A loss and it’s basically all over. Carson Wentz is highly unlikely to be under center for this game and it makes you wonder if this a lost season for the North Dakota State quarterback. Foles is expected to start on Sunday. 

Whats next for Wentz

Wentz is coming to the end of his third season. At this point, it looks as if the team should just shut him down for the year. Wentz has never been right it seems from the moment he returned. Despite the good numbers it goes beyond that. The 21 touchdowns to seven interception ratio is good but hasn’t been enough. 

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Wentz has missed throws this year, consistently started down Ertz and has often tried to do too much. Now part of that could be attributed to just not trusting his knee throughout the year and now the back. With the season basically, over why not rest your star quarterback and actually get him 100%. 

Get a new medical staff immeditaely 

This Eagles medical staff is horrible no way around it. The Eagles following Corey Clements injury now have 12 players on IR. It’s still questionable to believe whether or not they rushed Wentz back. If you’re gonna have any shot in this league your quarterback has to be ready to go every week.

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While Wentz does have a concerning injury history you need a reliable medical staff. Wentz returned in week three against the Colts with the team 1-1. 

Is it a lost season?

I would say this has been a lost season for Wentz. The team has struggled all year. They never had that get right moment and rode the momentum like they did last year. Furthermore Wentz will now be entering a contract year and you would want him playing as much as possible to really show he is the guy. Now, long-term Wentz is the franchise.

After all the Eagles did to get him you have to trust him.Ā Furthermore add on Mike Groh and his inability to help the offense its just been rough. At the end of the day get Wentz healthy a new offensive coordinator and medical staff and come back better and stronger and ready to return to the top. The season now rides on Nick Foles shoulders.Ā 

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