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At Pro Sports Notes We Are Family!

At PSN Philly we are all about working together as a family! We work with our writers in laid-back setting to truly help their voice be heard in the Philadelphia sports market. At Pro Sports Notes, we want to showcase opinions, personality and most important the vast knowledge our writers possess about their respected teams. Our Editors and Directors work tirelessly to help each member of our team grow with every article they write. To support our writers and the website click here!

Without further ado,  meet the individuals behind the articles here at Pro Sports Notes: Philadelphia!

  • Alex Peters

    My name is Alex Peters. I have been a baseball fanatic since I can remember. Right now I play baseball for Penn State York. I live and die for baseball. Winter is my least favorite season, I'm sure you can guess why.
  • Andre Johnson

    Senior at York College of PA. From Laurel Maryland Fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles #FlyEaglesFly Twitter & IG: Nevers_Failures
  • Aric Kirsten

    Currently a sports management and sociology major at the University of Arizona. Playing basketball and football has been a huge part of my life, as well as being an avid fan!
  • Billy Reardon

    4-for-4 Philly Sports guy. Been playing or coaching baseball for over 20 years, which is weird to say because it makes me sound old. "If I don't eat breakfast I'm F***ing pissed off." Go Birds.
  • Cody Rusan

    The name is Cody Rusan and I would probably not exist without hockey. I am the voice of the Men and Women's Windsor Lancers Hockey teams.
  • Dillon O'Mara

    Flyers fan and hockey addict from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Chocolate milk aficionado. Proud Nittany Lion. My downtime is usually spent on two wheels, or reminding the world that the Eagles won Superbowl LII. Feel free to @ me for any hockey related debate. #TrustTheProspects
  • Greg S. Kennedy

    Whiskey - Neat. Beer - Stout. Blood - Green. Philadelphia 4-for-4 guy with an obsession with sports in general. Former writer for Philadelphia Eagles Nation, past CEO of Tha Sports Junkies 101, and founder of the fast growing Pro Sports Notes. #AspiringToday #InsiringTomorrow
  • Jackson Sternberg

    Born and raised to live and die Philly sports. I'm currently a Sophomore at Clemson University, where I parade around in Eagles Super Bowl gear to remind everyone who the champs are. Been trusting The Process since 2013 and don't intend to stop anytime soon.
  • Joshua Tracey

    I have a signed Phillies Phanatic Poster DO YOU?!?! | Phillies Phan so passionate I will fight you about it | Retail Store Manager | Volunteer Firefighter| Just a guy living the dream making the best of every opportunity given to me |
  • Jessica Towne

    I am a year out of college still trying to figure out this "adulting" thing. My two biggest passions in life are dance and Philadelphia sports. I have been dancing for 20 years and have been teaching dance for 3.5, but been a Philly sports fan for life! I love everything sports but my heart primarily lies with the Eagles. That being said, I'm extremely excited to see where these 4 young teams in Philadelphia continue to grow! #PhillyPhilly
  • Kristen Keller

    I'm Kristen Keller and I am a graduate student at Northwestern University. I love hockey, and I enjoy writing about it even more than I love watching it. When I am not writing an article about sports, you can find me bowling, playing volleyball or in the gym.
  • Mark Williams Jr.

    Philadelphia sports fan, caffeine addict, gamer, cyborg super hero-in-training, writer.
  • Rob Subach

    born in Wilmington, DE but I have recently moved into Maryland to be with my girlfriend.
  • Troy Sargent

    I'm a Rowan University graduate with a BA in Communications. I have a passion for Philadelphia sports, with a particular interest and love for the Eagles and the Sixers. I want to share the gospel that is the unique bond fans of Philadelphia sports have with their team and city that no other city in the country can match. I want to do their through my passion for writing and other forms of mass media.
  • Zack Rogers

    Morgan State and Notre Dame of Maryland University Alumnus. From Germantown MD. Young in age but has a retro vibe of flavor. Believer, Sports Fanatic, and lover of Sneakers (Jordan 1's & 3's). "Be the change, you want to see" IG & Twitter: ZackeryRogers13

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