VIDEO: Michael Bennett Appears in Texas Courthouse

Michael Bennett Appears in Texas Courthouse; Leaves in Handcuffs

 Thanks to our friends at 6ABC News we are able to see the full footage as Eagles newly acquired DE Michael Bennett appears in Texas courthouse before a judge with his lawyer. While the audio is low, you can clearly hear both lawyers meeting with the Judge discussing a no-contact order and a bond set at $10,000. The Judge also granted Bennett permission to travel to and from his home in Hawaii while the investigation continues.

The Eagles have worked to truly build their defensive unit heading into 2018, and Bennett was a big signing that has quickly left an unsettling pit in the stomach of fans. As more information becomes available we’ll be able to form a better picture of what occurred at Super Bowl 51. Regardless of the courts decision, it’s fair to assume the NFL will give it’s own ruling. This could come as fines or even suspension if deemed appropiate. Over the years many have felt the punishing hand of Roger Goodell’s, Bennett may be next in line.

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Definition — No-Contact Order: A no-contact order is also called a restraining order, and prohibits a person from being in physical or verbal contact with another person

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Video by 6ABC News.
Photo: Curt Johnson via Flickr