Should the Flyers take a chance on Mike Hoffman?

Mike Hoffman fits some Flyers needs, but is it worth it?

Amid a disturbing scandal happening in Ottawa, many questions have been raised. The Senators have some serious problems on their hands regarding several of their core players.  With the draft and free agency each less than a few weeks away, the Flyers are looking to better their team. Would trading for Senators left wing Mike Hoffman make the Flyers better, both on and off the ice?

Burner accounts making headlines once more

On Tuesday, the wife of highly sought-after defenceman Erik Karlsson filed for an order of protection against the longtime girlfriend of left-wing Hoffman. The allegations include several months of online attacks towards the family. The most disturbing, however, involves the unfortunate events for the Karlsson family back in March.

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Karlsson’s wife, Melinda, was pregnant with the couple’s first child before the baby became stillborn. Karlsson took a few games off, and the hockey community rallied to try to support their family as much as possible.

Since that terrible event, there have been accusations that Hoffman’s girlfriend Monika Caryk has been harassing the Karlsson’s online. Though both Hoffman and Caryk have repeatedly denied the accusations, it looks as though the burner accounts have been created by someone who knows the Karlsson’s personally. Hoffman and Karlsson reportedly had an altercation in their practice facilities parking lot during the season, and nothing was settled.

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It seems as if this situation could be to blame for the Senators downright awful year. Just one season following the Senators surprising run to the Eastern Conference Finals, they finished 30th in the league this season.  The Senators must do something drastic to change things around. With these allegations, they’ll be happening sooner than later.

The interest has been there

Hoffman, on the ice, would be an ideal fit here in Philadelphia. He is a speedy lefty and can shoot from anywhere. The 28-year-old has reached the 20-goal mark in each of the last four seasons. He has averaged 230.5 shots per season over that span.

Hovering between 40-50 points per season each year, he comes at a bargain. According to, he would only cost the Flyers $5.187M per season, which is a good deal for his production. With only two seasons remaining on his contract, he could make a good bridge player.

In an article from, it was rumored that the Flyers asked about Hoffman at the trade deadline. What they asked for in return, however, was too much. Apparently, the Senators wanted a first-round draft pick as well as Travis Sanheim.

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Sanheim, a first-round draft pick from 2014, is regarded as an integral piece of the Flyers future core.  Flyers general manager Ron Hextall has never been the type to overpay for a player in a pinch, so the deal reportedly came to a halt. With these allegations coming up, can the Flyers get him for a cheaper price?

Is it worth the drama?

Hockey is a sport that tends to have minimal off-ice drama. Anytime an issue arises, the league and organizations usually bury it. This controversy is very different because of the malicious intent dished out to the Karlsson’s on a personal level.

Hoffman and Erik Karlsson likely can never play on a team together again. Chances are they both leave Ottawa for other organizations. But now there are questions about Hoffman’s character.

Was it his girlfriend making these comments? Did he know about it, or try and do anything about it? Is the risk worth the potential reward? Hoffman is a skilled player, but is he worth a coveted first round pick, as well as an additional $5M against the salary cap?  Would he make the difference to take the Flyers over the hump? To me, if the allegations are true, the answer is no. But in time, we will find out what Hextall thinks.

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