Mills silences critics with performance against Colts

Mills silences critics against Colts

After his performance against the Bucs, Jalen Mills was in the crosshairs of Eagles fans. He heard the talk and knew that he needed to improve. Outside of two pass interference calls Mills was much better on Sunday. We know he isn’t a top-five corner but he is very stable. The former LSU Tiger has shown flashes of how great he can be. His short memory on the field allows him to bounce back and keep going. Let’s look at how Mills silences critics with his play.

One of the top corners of the week

Per PFF Mills graded out as the fourth-best cornerback of the week. Hence due to the Eagles trust in the seventh-rounder, he is going to continue to have chances to prove himself. As a result, matched up with Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton Mills was ready for the challenge. When targeted he gave up just three catches for eight yards on six targets. He also recorded three pass breakups and five tackles across 42 snaps.

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The Colts offense was stagnant for the majority of the day. Quarterback Andrew Luck appeared scared to test this Eagles defense deep. When he did he threw two underthrown passes. The only negative on the day was that Mills gave up 51 yards in pass interference calls. Due to the underthrows Mills got out of position and the veteran Hilton took advantage.

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Highs and lows

With Mills, you have to take the good with the bad. Through two games Hilton had caught a touchdown in each game. Sunday he did not score and was held to just five catches for 50 yards. While the weather aided in the sloppy passing day Mills appeared motivated all day.

Something else that stood out on the day was Mills tackling ability. While his coverage skills will always be questioned something that the Green Goblin has never shied away from is tackling.

Titans up next

Either you love Mills or you don’t there’s really no in between.  The bottom line is he certainly improved on Sunday. He didn’t allow any touchdowns and while the Pass interference calls are worrisome if he can continue to just be solid this defense will get better. Next up awaits the Titans and quarterback Marcus Mariota.

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