Move Markelle Fultz: Three options that could work for the Sixers

Where the Sixers can move Fultz

The Sixers are in win-now mode. However, they still have concerns. What do you do with disgruntled Guard Markelle Fultz? Will he fit? Does he want to be here? Most would answer no to these questions. Fultz’s agent Raymond Brothers told the team that he would miss time until his shoulder was looked at by a specialist. Above all else, Fultz’s reps say he still wants to stay and make it work. The Bryan Colangelo Twitter controversy should have been the end of negative media attention. I have three options that would give the Sixers a way out. The time is now if the Sixers want a valuable return.  Furthermore, They must end this chapter of the process and move Fultz.

Deal 1: Now and later

Sixers Receive: Alec Burks, Top 5 ‘2019 First Round Pick
Cavs Receive: Fultz,

This trade can help the Sixers win now and later. It is hard to see the downside of this deal. They move Fultz for an improved shooter with an expiring contract. The team is free of what would be over $22 million over the next two years with Fultz’s contract. This season, Cavs Guard Alec Burks is shooting 42 percent from the three-point line.

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Cleveland is in full scale rebuild mode and just acquired Burks from Utah in the Kyle Korver deal. Fultz’s slashing abilities and court vision would put life into the Cavaliers offense. However, the only tricky part is how this pick will be protected. Cleveland will most likely be high in the lottery this season. As Sixers fans know, draft picks are high commodities for struggling franchises.

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Deal 2: Bear down

Sixers Receive: Garrett Temple, 2020 Unprotected First Round Pick, 2021 Second Round Pick
Grizzlies Receive: Fultz

This route to move Fultz to Memphis is like the Jazz trade with fewer strings attached. Furthermore, Temple is also in the last year of his deal. His defense is stronger than Burks’. According to ESPN’s player efficiency rating scale, his value is very close to Fultz this season. The value of Fultz to Memphis is most likely higher than whoever they would use a 2020 first in the long term. The Sixers Front Office still values Fultz highly. This draft compensation would definitely aid the process.

Deal 3: Let’s get down to earth

Sixers Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr., Markieff Morris
Wizards Receive: Fultz

This trade is fantastic in the event that the Sixers move Fultz. Oubre Jr. and Morris are fantastic shooters for their positions. Morris, a Philly kid from the University of Kansas, would provide extra depth at the four. Oubre Jr., another University of Kansas product, would be the same but more so for the two/three. Fultz is a young piece to help suffice for the team’s needed rebuild. His lack of communication with the Sixers, however, is a turnoff.

This makes him being enticing enough to acquire Bradley Beal unlikely. First overall pick or not, waiting only lowers Fultz’s value. The upside of the team choosing to move Fultz is higher than letting him linger in the headlines.

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