moving on from Fultz

moving on from Fultz

Moving on from Fultz: Can Philly strike a deal by Thursday?

Is moving on from Markelle Fultz the best option for the Sixers?

In an unsurprising change of events, the Sixers are still uncertain about moving on from Fultz. Sixers Wire reported earlier this week that the team isn’t ‘ready’ to trade Fultz by Thursday’s deadline.

Being the first overall pick in the draft hasn’t really stopped Fultz from being a disappointment. It made sense to fans was drafting a 20+ point per game scorer. What fans got is a player who sees almost no minutes and only puts up 8.2 points per game this season.


While waiting till the summer to trade Fultz could be a better move, it is still a risk. It will be harder to trade him this offseason if he hasn’t made much progress from his earlier injury.

Moving on from Fultz now might be the best thing for the team. The rest of the league doesn’t really know yet how much of a bust he is. Obviously, the front office knows because they are desperate enough to hang onto him. Hoping to convince other GM’s that he is actually worthwhile.


This is a risky maneuver and for now, Fultz remains an unproductive player on a team ready to contend for the title.

It isn’t very surprising that fans still think Philly should trade Fultz by Thursday’s deadline:

Who would be willing to take the disgruntled former college star?

There’s no telling whether Fultz will become a star in the NBA or even a shell of his college self. One thing is for certain: Philly must do whatever they can to convince the league that he is still something.

The only unfortunate thing for the Sixers right now is that no team is really looking to pick up Fultz. Pretty much the only reasonable trade would be a packaged deal that includes other Sixers talent.


Recently, fans have been split on whether Jimmy Butler is really the best fit for Philly. The team has been competitive with him on the roster. The only downside is the chemistry issues that have surfaced during the season.

Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans but that is a pretty unrealistic trade for Philly. Memphis has made Mike Conley Jr. and Marc Gasol both available which could spark interest from the Sixers.

With regards to the team’s current roster, a three and D player would be the perfect addition to the team or another shooting big man.

Trading for Anthony Davis would destroy the core Philly has worked so hard to create:

Could Dario Saric return to Philly?

The two most reasonable options for the Sixers can both shoot three-pointers. Who are they? Former Sixer Dario Saric and recently traded Wesley Matthews of the Knicks.

While Philly has created an awesome starting lineup including Butler, the loss of Saric has definitely altered the team. His depth from behind the arc and scoring tenacity have been missed heavily.

Big man Joel Embiid can’t handle the scoring load every night and Saric provided just the spark needed to give Embiid some rest. Matthews was just traded to the Knicks and could perfectly complement the Sixers roster.

His game is mostly beyond the three-point line, and he’s done a spectacular of that, shooting 37.4 percent this season from deep. Losing Robert Covington in the Butler trade has left a major hole in the team’s shooting success.

If Philly is finally serious about moving on from Fultz they will highly consider trading him for either of these players. Of course, a straight-up swap wouldn’t be enough for either of these players, but the Sixers could include Fultz in a deal.

Hopefully, the front office does what is best for the team and finally trades Fultz for one or two players that could really lead to success in the postseason.

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