NFL trade deadline

How aggressive should the Eagles be as the Trade deadline nears

NFL trade deadline approaching 

The NFL trade deadline is fast approaching. We are a week away from the October 30th deadline and we are all eagerly awaiting Howie Roseman’s next move. On Monday the Dallas Cowboys sent a first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Amari Cooper. Only Jerry Jones could make John Gruden look great in a trade. I’m ecstatic that the Eagles passed on that deal. While Cooper is very talented and only 24 he is not worth a first rounder. However, time will tell. Back to the Eagles, it is clear something is different and something is missing from this team. So what are their options?

Find the missing piece

After Sunday’s disheartening loss to the Panthers now is the time to make a move. Blowing a 17-0 lead at home is just inexcusable no matter how you cut it. It’s the second double-digit lead the Eagles have blown this year and its cause for concern. While people somehow find ways to blame Wentz it’s far from his fault. The real problem is that after the Eagles went up by 17 they ran the ball a grand total of one time. You know where I’m going with this one. That’s right TRADE FOR LE’VEON BELL! The Eagles as a team ran 24 times for 58 yards vs the Panthers.


Corey Clement who said the Eagles don’t need another running back ran for six yards on eight carries. I’m sorry but that just isn’t gonna cut it. Bell has yet to report to the Steelers even though he said he would return on their bye week. With that said it looks unlikely he will play against the Browns so why not go get him. After playing the Jags in London the Eagles would be on their bye week giving Bell a chance to learn the playbook and be ready for a Sunday night matchup at home against the Dallas Cowboys.


Needed help in the secondary

I believe Bell is clearly the best option for the Eagles. He would give the Eagles that closer and would take a lot of pressure off of Wentz to have to make that big play. I’m also sure we would run the ball more than one time with the lead. However, there is another option that the Eagles should strongly consider.  That option would be none other than the Arizona Cardinals star cornerback Patrick Peterson. A lockdown corner Peterson would give the Eagles defense more flexibility. It’s no secret that the Eagles secondary just isn’t there right now. If it’s not Jalen Mills its Ronald Darby. Darby was beaten by Devin Funchess for a touchdown while Mills allowed 92 yards.

Add in the injuries and it’s a rough situation. If the pass rush doesn’t get home it makes it even harder. Adding Peterson would elevate this defense to another level. The former LSU star wants out of Arizona and who could blame him. At 1-6 and just firing their offensive coordinator it’s a dumpster fire there, to say the least. If you can trade a second rounder to the Cardinals, by all means, go for it. The Cardinals insist the Peterson isn’t up for bids but a team that’s clearly looking to rebuild and acquire draft picks that’s hard to believe. Still just 28 years old and signed through 2020 it’s certainly worth going for.

Go big or go home

As I stated earlier the Eagles are one week away from the NFL trade deadline. Now last season the Eagles were able to acquire Jay Ajayi from the Dolphins for a fourth rounder. He proved to be that extra force on the ground to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl. Similar to last year I think the Eagles again need to trade for a running back. We are the defending champions. If we plan on repeating we need to go big or go home. Now there are certainly options out there like Karl Joseph who would also be a nice addition to secondary.


You could also add Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris Jr or Bradley Roby from Denver. However, at the NFL trade deadline, Howie needs to be as aggressive as possible. At 3-4 the Eagles need a boost to get back on track. Why not get the very best available.

Who do you think the Birds should bring in?

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