No baseball because of the rain, let’s look at something I’ve never seen

Rain rain go away and never come back

Look I’m not an idiot, I know we need rain. It helps with agriculture in this country, I get that. But as a baseball player and as a baseball fan, I freaking hate the rain. If you live on the east coast then you know why I’m feeling like this. It feels like it’s been raining for a month (It’s really only been like four days).

Nevertheless, its Monday night in September. All I’m trying to do is watch some possible playoff implicating baseball. With this rain, it’s making that incredibly difficult. So let me get to the whole point of this article, Bryce Harper and no baseball.

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No baseball because flamethrowers aren’t powerful enough

I know what you are thinking, another baseball writer that wants to talk about Harper’s free agency. NOPE, NOT TODAY! Instead, I wanna talk about how Harper did something that I have never seen a player do before. Let me give you a little background before I go on. The Phillies and Nationals were set to open up a three-game series on Monday night, but mother nature had other plans. Although it didn’t rain much today, the field has been saturated with water from this weekend. There were reports all day today that the infield may not be ready for game time.

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Okay, let me be the first to tell you that I could’ve written about this for the thing I have never seen before. Two FLAMETHROWERS. Not just one flamethrower, because that would be normal right? NO TWO FLAMETHROWERS. The only problem is, it didn’t quite work…..

The most raking Harper has done since the Homerun Derby

Now to the point that I know all of you have been waiting for. I have never, and I mean NEVER seen a player go out and work on the field at the professional level. This is even after I spent this past season working for the York Revolution of the Atlantic League. Even in Independent baseball, the players don’t work on the field.

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I guess Harper just really wanted to play against this struggling Phillies team. No baseball is not a phrase in Harper’s vocabulary apparently.

I really hate the rain

Yes, this article is about the Phillies. Mainly about how there is no Phillies game actually. Well, maybe more about how much I hate the rain, how flamethrowers apparently aren’t strong enough, and how Harper is preparing for his career after baseball.

Featured image by dweible1109 via Flickr