offensive weapon

Bell is the play-maker the Eagles need

The offensive weapon the Eagles need 

Now, normally I would say the Eagles would be fine. At 2-2 despite the issues so far there are still 12 games remaining. However, injuries are taking their toll early on. Jay Ajayi is playing hard but has a fractured back. Darren Sproles has only played in one game so far this season and is not the same. Corey Clement has also been dealing with injuries. While the ground game has found success the Eagles offense is missing something. It’s missing an offensive weapon if you will.

Bell is the missing piece

Now Carson Wentz is still getting up to speed but through two games he’s looked great. He’s got three touchdowns and one interception with 603 passing yards. Give him a few more games and Wentz will truly be back to his old self. His top target Alshon Jeffery is also working his way back from injury. He caught a touchdown last week and will also be back up to speed soon. Yes, you have Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor but with all the injuries at receiver, the team is missing something.


That is where Bell comes into play. Now Bell is still just 26 years old. This is a man who is entering the prime years of his career. He’s been great on the ground in his career as he’s totaled 5,336 yards and 35 rushing touchdowns. What makes Bell even more valuable is his receiving numbers. Last season he recorded 85 catches for 655 yards and two touchdowns. The receptions would have led the Eagles in that category last year. As a matter of fact, he has three seasons with 75 or more receptions. In 2014 he recorded 854 receiving yards  What people often get lost on is that Bell is a true offensive weapon he represents the new wave running back.


Versatility is key

Look at Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon. All great running backs who are not only threats at running back but also receiving threats. When you have a back who can line up at receiver or just run effective routes it keeps the defense on their toes. Especially with a quarterback like Wentz, the possibilities are endless. Add in one of the top offensive lines in the game and how could this not intrugue you. Adding an offensive weapon like Bell puts you over the top. Now yes Bell has fallen victim to suspension and injuries before but he is certainly worth the look.

Without Bell, the steelers currently have the worst rushing offense in the league. James Conner has done a great job filling in but hes just not Bell. Now with Earl Thomas gone for the year the only trade option left for the Birds is the Michigan State alum. The Ohio native also possesses a unique running style that is just so patient that allows him to find the lanes.

Trade or wait?

Now it has been reported that Bell will return to the Steelers during their week seven bye week and play week eight against the Browns in Pittsburgh. However, the Steelers are still considering moving him and the Eagles have been mulling it over for a while now. Howie Roseman doesn’t hesitate when it comes to making moves to help this team and honestly why should he start now. This offense needs a boost. With offenses like the Rams, Saints and Chiefs out there it never hurts to have as many playmakers as possible.


So here are the Eagles options. Bell has been very clear about wanting his money. And deservedly so he plays the most punishing position you need to get paid when possible. With that said if the Eagles were trade for Bell, they’d have to clear up cap space. Option two is they could simply wait until he hits free agency as the Steelers seem to have no interest in brining him back. Now with all this in mind im sure Roseman would know Bells willingness to play before the deal was struck. Bell has also stated he wants to play for a winning team. The Eagles could pay him and give him that chance to win.

Make it happen

At the end of the day, I’m 100% for Bell being in midnight green. He’s one of the games premeir playmakers and would make this offense complete. Still, just 26 its certainly worth thinking about. As a final arguemnt ill put this out there, Wentz is getting sacked on 9.4 percent of his drop backs. The offense has scored 82 points which ranks 22nd in the league. When your 27th in points per game if its possible i say go for it. Add an elite offensive weapon while the opportunity is there.

Also with the Eagles committee approach, he would be able to get a few more breaks. Imagine Bell in rotation with Clement and Josh Adams. Howie will have to work the cap but hey you gotta take risks sometimes. Should the Eagles bring in Bell now? Should they wait for free agency? Let us know below.

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