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Week one recap around the NFL

Week one NFL recap

The opening week of the NFL season is filled with amazing highs and deep lows.  It is certainly way too early to declare any kind of trends.  We can, however, see if some of the results we saw from the opening week are the beginning of any patterns.  One thing for certain though is that it was a drama-filled first week.  It is the sign of the NFL’s continued dominance on the American sporting landscape.


The Philadelphia Eagles won a game filled with some drama, but across the opening week in the NFL there were several blowouts.  Monday night proved to be a real stinker with two lopsided games.  The New York Jets versus Detroit Lions game was particularly painful to watch.  The Jets surprisingly rolled the Lions with a score of 48-17.   Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold powered the offense with 198 yards and two touchdowns.


The second game of the doubleheader during the opening week was just as lopsided after starting out with much promise.  The Oakland Raiders played the Los Angeles Rams and ended up losing by a score of 33-13.  The Raiders led at the half on the strength of another patented “Beast-Mode” play by running back Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch carried no less than five defenders into the end zone on the end of a 12-yard touchdown run. It would prove to not be nearly enough as the Rams closed out the second half with 23 unanswered points to put the game out of reach.

Close games on opening week

The opening week of the season wasn’t only about the blowouts.  There were several compelling games that proved to be real nailbiters.  Starting with another epic matchup between the hometown Philadelphia Eagles and the visiting Atlanta Falcons.  The Eagles beat the Falcons by a score of 18-12.  It wasn’t just the score of the game that proved dramatic, but also the way they arrived at that score.


Everyone remembers last year breathlessly praying that the last pass thrown by quarterback Matt Ryan would slip through wideout Julio Jones’ hands.  Although this time Jones did catch the ball, he fell harmlessly out of bounds, and the latest victory by the Eagles over the Falcons was assured.

Early season classics

As thrilling as the Eagles victory was, two other close games stood out as well on the NFL’s opening week.  The Cleveland Browns,  have been putrid for the last two seasons faced off against NFL stalwart, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Browns have been quietly assembling an impressive array of talent. Led by blossoming star defensive end Myles Garrett, the Browns battled the Steelers for four quarters.  This is very impressive considering the Steelers are one of the top choices to represent the AFC in the SuperBowl.  Other than the New England Patriots, most prognosticators have the black and gold in the final game of the season.


Fans considered the best game of the opening weekend to be the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game.  The Bears along with newly acquired defensive superstar Khalil Mack terrorized the Packers offensive line.  During the first half, quarterback Aaron Rodgers went out of the game on a cart with an apparent knee injury.  By the time Rodgers came back into the game, the Packers were down by a score of 20-0. He led an epic comeback on a bad knee by throwing for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns.  The Packers ended up winning the game in dramatic fashion 24-23.

Week two will try to match the drama and intrigue of the opening week of the season.  If there is one thing we have learned about the NFL though, every time we think we’ve seen all the drama we could possibly see, something else amazing happens.  That is what makes the NFL the preeminent sporting league and always so fun to watch.

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