The Phillies miss out on Patrick Corbin, but did they really?

Patrick Corbin signs with the Nationals

I saw the news just like the rest of you, a notification on my phone. However, I may have had a different response then most of you did. The news broke Tuesday that Corbin agreed to sign a six-year, $140M contract with the Washington Nationals. This means that the Phillies officially miss out one of the big name free agent starting pitchers. This was not a surprise to me because I wrote an article on five free agent starting pitchers I think the Phillies should sign, and I had him going to the Yankees. I’m going to try and express my feelings on this signing for you guys.


The tale of the tape

Corbin had the single best season of his career in 2018. He finished with a record of 11-7 with an ERA of 3.15 all while throwing 200 innings. Corbin also struck out more than 200 batters for the first time in his career, he finished with 246. 2018 was just his third season where his ERA was under 4.00, and the other two seasons came in 2013 (3.41) and 2015 (3.60). Corbin’s career ERA is 3.91, and he has a record of just 56-54. Really the only thing Corbin has going for him is the fact that he started 32 and 33 games the past two seasons.


If we are being honest, these numbers do not translate to 6 years and $140M. I believe that Corbin had the best season of his career (which is true), and he will never have a season better than this.

My feelings on this signing

Frankly, I am incredibly happy that the Phillies did not sign Corbin. His career statistics show that he is not worth $140M, and this is money that the Phillies can use elsewhere. Hopefully, to sign the better fit (In my opinion) at starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

Look, I’m not a scout and I’m not a GM. However, I am thrilled that the Phillies apparently got out-bid for Corbin. This might be viewed as a hot take or an opinion that doesn’t make sense because everyone and their mother wanted Corbin. But the numbers make sense, and I wish him the best of luck with the Nationals, but I’m thankful that he is not a member of the Phillies.


The winter meetings start on December 9th, and if I was a betting man, that is when I think something will happen. Obviously, the winter meetings are always home to different moves and this year will be no different. The most interesting part of this whole thing is the fact that the meetings are in Las Vegas. Bryce Harper is from Las Vegas. I would expect Harper to make a huge splash during these meetings and sign when the entire MLB universe is in Vegas.

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