Philadelphia Sports: The Madness Podcast

Philadelphia Sports: The Madness Podcast

The Madness with Rob Langi and Jessica Towne is one of the fastest growing, most outspoken and passionate Philadelphia Sports Podcast around. Rob’s show covers the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Sixers, and is Co-Hosted by our very own Jessica Towne. The Madness Podcast is a year-round podcast filled with interviews, guest co-hosts and a lot of opinions. The show airs live on Wildfire Sports Radio every single week, but there are many ways to listen in and show your support!

If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, then click this link to listen to The Madness Podcast. If you are using an Andriod device, simply search for The Madness Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

We are very excited and always have people contacting us asking how they can support the show. That is the easy part, Where ever you listen to The Madness Podcast, just subscribe and leave a comment. Even a short comment helps us grow our the show.

Another way to support the show, and this is the big one, visit! Any item purchased on this page are going direclty towards the growth of The Madness, so even the small purchases help immensely.

We are very thankful of your support and look forward to bringing you a bigger and better show every single week!

( Above, Dave Spadaro joins The Madness as a guest on Episode 15 )

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