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Let’s phight Friday: Should Carlos Santana be benched?

Let’s phight Friday: Should the Phillies bench Santana?

Welcome everyone to the start of let’s fight Friday! Make sure to stay tuned every Friday to phight about a hot topic covering the Fightin Phils. Without further ado lets phight about it, this weeks topic should the Phillies bench Santana?

What should the Phillies do with Santana?

First things first, Carlos Santana has an above average on-base percentage of .356 and has walked 87 times. Walks are just as good as a single in the game of baseball without question. Furthermore walks produce runs. Especially with a team that has six players including Santana with 15 or more home runs.

As a result with 87 walks and 17 home runs Santana supplies runs and power. Santana may not bat for average however the walks make up for the lack of hits in my book.

Will the Phillies bench Santana? No, they won’t. Santana just gets on base too much and the Phillies seem to agree with that. However, the real question we should be asking is why is Santana batting clean up?

Should Santana bat somewhere else in the lineup?

Imagine if manager Gabe Kapler batted Santana back in the second spot and Rhys Hoskins in the cleanup spot. With Santana on pace for 100 plus walks and Hoskins on pace for over 30 home runs not including the rest of the lineup that certainly screams runs to me. Furthermore, you could make a case for Santana to bat lower in the lineup as the two spot seems to be the right fit. As a result here is a preview of what the lineup could be

1 Cesar Hernandez  2B 438 6 31 0.290
2 Carlos Santana  1B 506 33 96 0.251
3 Nick Williams  RF 558 24 88 0.272
4 Rhys Hoskins LF 571 26 83 0.256
5 Asdrubal Cabrera  3B 455 16 54 0.279
6 Odubel Herrera  CF 481 12 46 0.287
7 Scott Kingery  SS 382 15 52 0.259
9 Andrew Knapp  C 252 4 19 0.254

source via rotochamp

Tell me your thoughts. Will Santana be benched? Should Hoskins and Santana flip spots in the lineup? Let’s phight about it!

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