Phillies' chances

Does signing Bryce Harper help or hurt the Phillies’ chances of signing Mike Trout?

I want to start this article by saying that Mike Trout is not a free agent until after the 2020 season. But I’m sure everyone already knew that. I mean it seems like all the news surrounding the Phillies are either Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Trout. Whether or not the Phillies sign all three or none, the constant conversation is great. This brings me to the point or this article which is, does signing Harper help or hurt the Phillies’ chances of signing Trout?

Why have one if you could have both?

I think the thing to remember here is that the Phillies want to spend money. John Middleton has been extremely public about that desire, and with that being said, it all starts now for the Phillies. I’ve been pretty vocal about my opinion on the Harper vs. Machado debate. I’m team Harper, and the reason for this is simple, I think he is a better fit for the city of Philadelphia and it’s fans.


The Phillies main goal, if it isn’t already, should be to do everything in their power to sign Harper. It’s like running in a race or a marathon. You can’t get to the end without taking the first step, and signing Harper is the first step. You may be sitting there and thinking where are the Phillies trying to go? To me, this should be simple. The goal of 2019 should be to make the playoffs. The goal of 2020 should be to compete for a World Series. And finally, the goal after the 2020 season should be to sign Trout. Again, the first step for all of this is to sign Harper now.

Does Harper and Trout make sense for everyone?

You might be sitting there and thinking that I’m stupid for even making that a heading. Let me try and clarify what I mean. Will an outfield with Harper and Trout make everyone happy?


For the Phillies, the answer is DUH. The Phillies’ chances of signing two of the top players in baseball would be a no-brainer.

For Harper, I believe he would welcome this. By the time the Phillies would be able to sign Trout, it would already be Harper’s team. Harper is a vocal leading superstar which is the complete opposite from Trout. In this hypothetical world that I’ve created here, the biggest desire of Harper would be winning. He already got paid from the Phillies this offseason and would completely welcome Trout to Philadelphia in the hope of bringing home another championship.

Finally, for Trout, I truly believe he would love to join the Phillies. He is far and away the best player in baseball, and he has been terribly marketed. That is simply a fact. The reason for this, in my opinion, is because he plays on the west coast. By moving to the east coast, Trout will become even more popular than he already is. If we look at it from other perspectives, I don’t think Trout cares about the money. He signed an extension with the Angles even though he could’ve entered free agency before his age 29 season (following the 2020 season). I believe the biggest factors for Trout joining the Phillies would be the proximity to his home town, and the opportunity to win a championship. Joining Harper in Philadelphia would surely make the Phillies World Series favorites.

What are the Phillies’ chances of making this happen?

I’ve said it once. I’ve said it twice. Maybe three or four times, but the first step is to sign Harper this offseason. If you are a Phillies fan, you should be excited. I truly believe that Harper will be a member of the Phillies on opening day. Another reason Phillies fans should be excited is the fact that they control their own destiny. They have the money to add both Harper, and eventually Trout.


Adding Harper to the current Phillies’ roster would most certainly make them a favorite to win the NL East. If we look into the future even further, I think the addition of Harper would help the Phillies’ chances of signing Trout. By the time this can actually happen, both guys will want only one thing a World Series Championship. The Philadelphia Phillies will be able to give both Trout and Harper the greatest chance at this and the most money. It will be fun to watch how all of this plays out.

Featured image via Flickr by Keith Allison