Here is the first of many Phillies off-season articles

The Phillies 2018 season

Look, I’m just gonna be honest with you guys. Even though the Phillies were not expected to make the playoffs before the season started, it still hurt when they didn’t make it. I had to take some time off from writing about this team. It really felt like they were going to be able to get it done and win the division. This is by far the worst time of the year, the baseball off-season. It’s cold (at least here in the North East) and there is no baseball on. Rhys Hoskins isn’t crushing home runs, Aaron Nola is throwing gems every fifth day, and most of all we can’t sit here and argue about whether Gabe Kapler mismanaged another baseball game. I have some exciting news for you. I have a lot of plans to keep the off-season manageable.

This will be the first of many articles about the Phillies coming to you live this off-season. I’m going to be giving you my grades for the Phillies for this past season, some potential big signings the Phillies will make this off-season, and just some articles to help you get through this off-season.

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What to look forward to this off-season

I feel like you guys know me. You know that I love this team and you know that I tend to fall on the optimistic side of things most of the time. This is why I am excited about this off-season. The Phillies have a great shot to sign a big name free agent, which I think that they will do. But I will talk more about that at another time. Besides a potential big name free agent, this off-season allows for time for the young guys to grow. Hoskins just finished his first full season and Nola is coming off of his best season ever. These are two pieces that will carry the 2019 Phillies to the playoffs. Yes, as I sit here right now, I am predicting that the 2019 Phillies make it to the playoffs.

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Is there a bright side?

As I said earlier, I tend to be optimistic about the Phillies. But this girl has it right. The way that the Phillies finished this season was not pretty. Sometimes it is good to take a break, and for the young Phillies, the off-season couldn’t have come soon enough.

Although I retweeted this tweet, it made me laugh as well as sad. I was sad that it had been almost a month since I watched the Phillies play a game. As I saw the Braves get dominated by the Dodgers, the sadness inside of me grew bigger. I think the Phillies would’ve been a better match-up for the Dodgers. The Phillies starting rotation was deeper than the Braves, and have hit the Dodgers’ starters well in the past. But that is neither here or there. The Phillies didn’t make the playoffs in 2018, but 2019 will be a different story.

You just have to power through

The baseball off-season is strange sometimes. Although it is just about three to four months (until pitchers and catchers report) it feels a lot longer. For the Phillies, this off-season could potentially impact the next 8-10 years of this franchise. Signing Bryce Harper and/or Manny Machado could propel the franchise into contenders for the next decade.

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For die-hard Phillies fans, causal Phillies fans, or just baseball fans in general, I’ll be here to get you through this off-season. Follow me on twitter @alex_peters20, all of my articles will be there as well as the website. I plan to take all of my thoughts and feelings about the Phillies and put them out there for you guys, the fans. With that being said, buckle up because this off-season is going to be crazy for the Phillies.


Featured Image by Keith Allison via Flickr