Phillies' Offense

The Numbers Behind The Phillies’ Offense

3rd in The National League

The Philadelphia Phillies’ offense has the 3rd best run differential in the National League. After last night’s game, they sit at +29 which means that they are outscoring their opponents by 29 runs so far this season. That is incredible, but let’s take a step back and look at how they got there.


This was true until the Phillies lost 8-4 last night. However, the Phillies are still third in the National League with a +29 run differential.

Phillies’ Offense Swinging Hot Bats?

I would like to sit here and tell you that the Phillies’ offense is red hot and everyone on the team is batting over .300. But that is simply not the case. Besides Rhys Hoskins and Odubel Herrera, no other position player is hitting over .300. This is not an ideal situation, but somehow it is working for the Phillies and their offense.


Although only two players are hitting over .300,  the Phillies’ offense leads the National League in run differential. Some of you may be asking what does this really mean? Well, the better a team’s run differential is, then the better chance a team has to win more games. Try to think about it this way, if the Phillies have scored 29 more runs than their opponents then you would expect their record to be pretty darn good. At 14-8 on the season, this is exactly the case.

Production or Lack of Production

The Phillies may not be hitting for extremely high averages, but there are currently 5 players with 10+ RBIs. This is HUGE, because if the averages are not high then the batters better be making productive outs.

The records may be different after last night’s game, but this is still impressive. All of this is happening with still only 2 guys hitting over .300. I don’t expect the averages to continue to be as low as they are for the entire season. However, I do hope and think that the production can continue. Hoskins, Santana, Franco, Alther, and Kingery are all guys who can keep this pace up for an entire season.


Numbers Can Lie, Trust Me

If you have read an article by me before, then you know I am a big fan of statistics. I love the way that they can tell a story. But I have also explained how numbers can lie. Well, the Phillies are 3rd in the National League with a +29 run differential. This sounds great, right? But, do you remember the game against the Miami Marlins when the Phillies won 20-1? That is 19 runs that go in favor of this run differential number.

Obviously, the Phillies are playing great baseball right now and everything is clicking. But don’t expect to see them blowing teams out like the Astros did last season. The Phillies have done exceptionally well in close ball games this season. Look for that to continue, especially when Pat Neshek and Tommy Hunter return from injury. The Phillies have a lot going right for them, but remember that numbers can lie and the only true test is the eye test.

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