John Middleton key to Phillies offseason success?

Middleton key to Phillies offseason success?

Conversely with one of the most anticipated free-agent classes in recent memory. Could John Middleton the owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, be the key to the Phillies offseason success? Especially with recent statements, that Middleton has made in recent weeks. Providing truth to the fact Middleton will not sit in silence this offseason.

In particular, we will tackle the owner’s statement he told USA TODAY Sports. “We’re going into this expecting to spend money. And even be a little stupid about it.”

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Let’s begin with the question. Are we as a fan base overreacting to Middleton’s recent comments? To begin, Middleton has stated for years all he wants to do is win. Frankly, it all comes down to your opinion and if you believe the Phillies owner. In this case, I believe him.

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Publicly announcing the Phillies are going into this offseason expecting to spend money. Firstly, tells the fan base he wants to win as bad as we do. Secondly, Middletons comments put pressure on general manager Matt Klentak and President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail to make a big splash this offseason. Lastly, not to mention the pressure added to Klentaks and MacPhail’s plates from rival the Atlanta Braves for signing former MVP, Josh Donaldson.

Money to spend

Currently, the Phillies sit just under $69 million in guaranteed contracts. Not including arbitration contracts the Phillies will pay some time this offseason. Which is substantially lower than the highest payroll year in Phillies history coming in at $178 million dollars in 2014.

Obviously, proving the fact that Middleton and the Phillies have plenty of money to spend and stupidly at that.

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Notable Free Agents

Notable and most anticipated free agents the Phillies could spend their money on are Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Ordinarily, players such as Harper and Machado sign based on the length of the contract. Also, the amount of the contract. Incidentally, It’s going to come down to security and price tag for most free agents.

In summary, the Phillies can afford the price tag of these notable free agents. We will ultimately see at the end of free agency if Middletons comments have put enough pressure on the Phillies organization. To justify making a big splash this offseason. While trying to push towards a World Series win since climbing the mountain 11 years ago in 2008.


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