Where Does Scott Kingery Fit In With The Phillies?



Where Does Scott Kingery Fit In With The Phillies?

Scott Kingery has signed a six-year extension with the Philadelphia Phillies. What does this mean for the future of the Phillies? Where does Kingery fit in?


The Phillies have now spent the most money in the off-season. With the signings of Carlos SantanaJake ArrietaTommy HunterPat Neshek, and now Scott Kingery. When you pair these signings up with the young core of position players that the Phillies already have, it could mean something special.




Now, let’s take a look at Scott Kingery. Kingery has been raking this spring. He is batting .392 with 4 home runs and 7 RBIs in 51 at-bats. Last season, he finished with a .304 batting average, 26 home runs, and 65 RBIs. Kingery is not just a bat, he is a very good defender. Naturally, he is a second baseman but he has played shortstop and third base in the minors. Last year, Kingery had just 6 errors playing at both the Double A and Triple-A levels.


This brings us to the question, where does Scott Kingery fit in? Cesar Hernandez has been the Phillies starting second basemen for the past couple years. J.P. Crawford made his major league debut last September and is poised to be the starting shortstop for this club. Finally, Maikel Franco has been the every day third basemen for the last two seasons.

With all of that being said, Gabe Kapler has kept his options open. Kingery has played second, third, shortstop, and center field this spring. But the outfield is not a place that has a lot of openings.


With the addition of Carlos Santana, Rhys Hoskins is penciled in to be the starting left fielder. Odubel Herrera has started in center field for the past three seasons and will be there on opening day. Right field is a bit of a question mark. Nick Williams played exceptionally well last season after getting called up. But Aaron Altherr has shown some real potential in the past. Altherr’s problem has been injuries, he played just 107 games last season.


There is not a clear place where Kingery can play every day, and get the at-bats he needs. This extension paints a picture that he will make the opening day roster, but should he? Now I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve to be on the opening day roster, but at just 23 he needs regular at-bats. His spring training performance has proven that he is ready to be a part of the 25 man roster. With that being said, where will he play?

There are a couple possibilities that could happen as a result of this extension. First, if Maikel Franco does not take a step forward, then third base could be a potential spot for Kingery. Franco batted just .230 last season with 24 home runs and 76 RBIs in 154 games. Let’s pretend that Franco finally takes that next step. There is another option for Kingery. Cesar Hernandez has played well the last two seasons, and he is a player that could bring back some more pieces for Phillies to make a push either this year or next year.

Shortstop is a place where I don’t see Kingery playing. Crawford has been one of the Phillies top prospects for years, and it is his time to be the starting shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies. If I had to guess, Kingery will be either the every day third basemen or the every day second basemen by July. There is no question that his versatility will get him some innings all over the field. But by July, expect to see Kingery playing regularly at second or third. It all depends whether or not Franco takes the next step, which I don’t think he will.



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