Phillies sign David Robertson

The Phillies actually signed someone, and it wasn’t one of the big name free agents like Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. However, it is someone who will help the Phillies during the 2019 season. The Phillies officially signed David Robertson to a two-year deal worth $23M.

Where does Robertson fit in the Phillies’ bullpen?

After one full season with Gabe Kapler, it seems to me that he is not a traditional manager. That might have been the understatement of the year, but it’s true. Basically what I mean is that Kapler seems like the guy to use multiple guys in the closer’s role. This may have just been the case last season because the Phillies didn’t have a traditional closer in the bullpen.

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The addition of Robertson may have closed the door on the closer’s role. Robertson has 137 career saves and from 2014-2016 he had over 30 saves each season. Whether or not the Phillies signed him to become the new closer doesn’t matter, he will impact about 60 games next season.

The Phillies get fastballs, curveballs, and high socks

If you have ever seen Robertson pitch, you know he really is a two-pitch pitcher. A fastball that is capable of reaching the mid-90s and a nasty curve/slurve. He will mix in a cutter every once and a while, but the breaking ball is becoming his out pitch.

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I love this signing for the Phillies. Robertson has been extremely consistent throughout his career. When you pair that consistency with his postseason experience and his experience as both a closer and a late inning guy, the Phillies scored big here. As I said earlier, I don’t know if this means that Robertson will be the closer, but the addition of him will certainly increase the productivity of the bullpen. The negative Nancy’s will probably have something to say like, “Great another pitcher for Kapler to misuse.” I don’t believe this to be true, I think the type of pitcher that Robertson is will allow for Kapler to have a more consistent presence in his pen.

Hopefully, this signing will start a chain reaction for more to come to this off-season, but if it doesn’t, I really like what the Phillies are doing to improve the current roster. If they are able to make a few more moves, and it doesn’t even have to be a big name, I anticipate an extremely competitive season. However, that cannot happen unless more happens. The Phillies have said all along that they want to spend money stupidly this offseason, and we might be starting to see it happen. I’m not saying Robertson is stupid money, actually I think this is a great signing. However, I believe the chain reaction is coming and the stupid money will follow.

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