Phillies Silent Weapon Scott Kingery

With the 2019 Major League Baseball season approaching this month roster moves and position battles are heating up. Scott Kingery finds himself in the middle of not one but two position battles. Also the possibility of being a super-utility man being the Phillies silent weapon.

Position battles

Rhys Hoskins will have a full-time position at first base. And newly acquired shortstop Jean Segura will be the infield captain. The two positions tentatively up for grabs are third base and second base. As for any sport in the preseason, competition brings out the best in all athletes.

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Last year coming into the 2018 spring training Kingery was ranked as the Phillies number two prospect. Phillies also took the incentive to lock Kingery up with a six-year, $24 million contract.

In Kingery’s first full season on the Phillies roster in 2018 didn’t go as he hoped. He remained the starting shortstop up until the trading deadline when the Phillies acquired Asdrubal Cabrera. Unfortunately, Kingery was one of the worst hitters in the league.

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After a winter to help clear his mind and refresh Kingery has come into Spring Training with a purpose. Through his first 17 at-bats, Kingery has hit .294/.368/.471. Although it is “only” spring training this is great news for Gabe Kapler and the Phillies who are already invested.

The Phillies silent weapon

Kingery gives the Phillies versatility with his ability to play multiple positions including 2B, SS, 3B, and the OF. If Kapler uses him as the teams’ super-utility man. This gives Franco, Segura, and Hernandez days off with a quality replacement also keeping Kingery in the lineup most days.

With a solid 2019 spring training from Kingery, the pressure would be getting him in the lineup every day. The Phillies are in need of on-base percentage for the newly reformed core including Bryce Harper.

Kingery’s presence in the lineup will give the Phillies versatility they need. Also having Franco and Hernandez at their positions gives the Phillies a chance to ease Kingery into the lineups through the season if times get tough again. The 25-year-old Kingery has a lot of upside. Hopefully, the 2019 year proves to be a big year for his development.

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