Possible options for the 76ers Thursday night

Possible options Philadelphia will have Draft night

Normally teams that find themselves in the playoffs are not frontrunners for lottery picks the following draft. However, the Sixers are not a normal team. After being bounced in the second round of the playoffs, Philly holds the most picks in this year’s draft. The possible options are boundless with so many selections.

Currently, the 10th, 26th, 38th, 39th, 56th and 60th selections belong to Philadelphia. Teams might be interested in a trade since Philly doesn’t have the room to sign more than a few players. Rumors around the league indicate the Sixers might look to shop some of their picks to move up in the draft.

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If the team acquired a top 5 pick, big named free agents might be enticed to come play in The City of Brotherly Love. Regardless of what they do on draft day, there are a lot of potential players for the team to consider.

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With the 10th pick in the Draft, the Sixers select…

There are three good options that might fall to Philadelphia if they keep the 10th pick. The team could use another consistent scoring forward for Ben Simmons to dish the ball to. Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, and Kevin Knox have the potential to fit in well at the 10th pick.

Miles Bridges is the most aggressive player among the three. He is very strong when attacking the basket which would translate well against stronger NBA defenses. The only downside is his touch from beyond the arc, which could use some work. Considering the fact that the Sixers need to clear out a lot of space for big man Joel Embiid, they might go with a better shooter.

Mikal Bridges is the better three-point shooter out of the three players, with a solid .43.5 percent from deep. He also boasts a 7-foot wingspan which would add a lot of length to the Philadelphia frontcourt. Mikal can play defense against 4 different positions which makes him extremely versatile against athletic guards and forwards. He could improve a bit going towards the basket, but his shooting would space the floor nicely.

Kevin Knox has an interesting skill set for his size. He is not as explosive as Miles or as good of a shooter as Mikal, yet he does most of his scoring off the ball. He has an impressive touch on the ball and an athletic frame which would help the Sixers space the floor and add length defensively.  Knox could use more work in transition and off the dribble, which the fast-paced Philly offense would be perfect for his improvement.

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The 76ers have taken notice of Knox’s potential as an all-around forward:

Think big with 26th overall pick

The 76ers won’t be too keen on taking any guards this draft, which rules out a lot of the potential around this pick. There are two possible options around the 20th pick that would be perfect if they fall to 26. Forward Chandler Hutchison and center Mitchell Robinson have loads of potential if they fall that far.

Robinson has the potential to be a solid backup for Embiid. His ability to protect the rim and catch lobs gives him the ability to produce at both ends of the court. Although he did not play basketball last year, his play in high school has been enough to project him going in the first round. The possibility he falls to 26 is a lot higher due to his lack of college-level experience.

Boise State product Hutchison is another good option on the wing for Philly. He’s an attack first scorer with the ability to pass the ball, which would be very beneficial for the 76ers offense. His rebounding prowess would help take some of the load off Embiid and Simmons. The added rebounding would make the team even deadlier in transition.

Rumors of Philly moving up in the draft have started to pick up traction on Twitter as well:

38th and 39th picks could bring even more bench depth

Gary Trent Jr. and Omari Spellman could be valuable bench assets for a team that could use more consistency in that department. Both possible options have the ability to spread the floor and shoot the three, which compliments the current roster well.

Spellman was a beast last year for Villanova, literally and figuratively. He needs to shed a few pounds to keep up with the speed of the NBA, however, his shooting ability will help him spread the floor and reserve some energy. Not only is he a consistent threat from deep, he is solid on the glass which could benefit Embiid and Dario Saric.

Duke guard Trent Jr. has all the skills to provide solid minutes for Simmons or Robert Covington in the backcourt. His touch from beyond the arc can help him spread the floor and become a valuable defender behind Covington. Although he lacks major athleticism, the Sixers were able to overcome those issues with other players this past season. Head Coach Brett Brown has instilled a sense of high basketball IQ into all his players, which makes up for athleticism.

The last few picks in the draft have untapped potential

The Sixers have the 56th and 60th picks to end the draft, which most teams overlook. Philly is different, especially since many of their valuable role players were not high draft picks. The team also has a lot of experience developing players which could be beneficial for possible options Gary Clark and Brandon Mccoy.

Clark was a formidable rebounder last year for Cincinnati. He can shoot from the perimeter which translates well to the Sixers offense. The hard-working forward is another player that could play pivotal minutes with similar skills to Saric.

McCoy was a solid rebounder last year for UNLV. His game lacks touch around the rim or the instinct to look for his shot down low. Luckily Embiid is a valuable mentor at the position so the team wouldn’t be risking much to pick him. As one of the last picks in the draft, it wouldn’t be too risky to develop him under Embiid or as a third center option.

Free agency looks even sweeter with all the trade possibilities

Philadelphia is possibly in the best position out of all 30 teams this upcoming draft. The potential options are unlimited, especially with two first-round picks, and multiple second-round ones.

LeBron James is the key free agent this offseason, and Kawhi Leonard’s request for a trade is intriguing as well. The Sixers could entice Cleveland with their potential picks, especially if they trade up to the top 5.

San Antonio might be willing to trade Leonard for a slew of picks, mainly since Philly is in the Eastern Conference. The Spurs definitely want to move their disgruntled star into another conference where he could not be a playoff threat.

This is a very interesting offseason for the Sixers and one that might lead them to championship stardom. Without the stress of a recent front office scandal, Philly is poised to assemble the team they need to become a legitimate dynasty. The possible options in this year’s draft will open up unlimited potential going forward.

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