If Wentz is unable to play week one the Eagles are in good hands

Relax Eagles fans things will be perfectly fine 

The Eagles are fresh off the teams first Super Bowl in franchise history. It feels really good to say that and remind everyone that the Eagles are Super Bowl champions. The birds are set to defend their title starting September 6th vs the Atlanta Falcons. Despite a 13-3 season there seems to be a lot of concern. With quarterback Carson Wentz status up in the air and the team’s lackluster performance this preseason its concerning. However, I’m here to say RELAX Eagles fans.

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Now, sure it is perfectly fine to be unimpressed with the Eagles performance so far. The first team offense has yet to score a point yet and the team is 0-3.  There is also an anticipation that  Wentz won’t be ready for week one. However, it’s just preseason. In 2016 Sam Bradford completed 10 of 10 passes with three touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers during the preseason and we saw how that season turned out. If we flash back to last preseason Nick Foles didn’t even play a game due to injury.

Showing up when it matters

There’s not a doubt in my mind that on Thursday, September 6th should Foles be under center he will put the Eagles in a position to win. That’s something Foles has done his entire career minus a trip to St.Louis with Jeff Fisher. Foles career record with the Eagles is 17-10. In case you forgot he also has a season throwing 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

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He won the teams first Super Bowl and yet there is still a sense of panic from some fans. True Wentz is a star but the backup quarterback position is the most important position. I don’t think there’s another backup that could have done what Foles accomplished. To stay on top in the NFL you must win games in a variety of ways. In the playoffs, Foles threw six touchdowns to just one interception in three games.

Outdueling Brady

This is the same Foles that outdueled Tom Brady on the games biggest stage. Games like that just don’t happen by accident.

Foles has chemistry and a belief in his teammates that are able to will them through rough stretches. Give Doug Pederson time to draw up a game plan and he will have Foles 100% ready for the Falcons.

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Wildcard rematch

Last year the Eagles earned a 15-10 victory over Atlanta to advance in the Playoffs. On that day Foles completed 23 of 30 passes for 246 yards and no turnovers. Nothing flashy but it was effective and plays were made when they needed to be made.

It’s showtime

Kickoff is almost here. This season will certainly be difficult. As the top dog, every team will give the Eagles their best shot. The Falcons will certainly want to ruin the festive night in South Philadelphia but this team will be ready. So relax Eagles fans what better option than if your franchise quarterback has to miss a game than to have a Super Bowl MVP sub in for him.

Photo credit via Flickr/ Sheldon C Edward Thibault
All stats via NFL.com and Pro-Football-Reference.com