Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins is heading to the DL with a fractured jaw

Rhys Hoskins is heading to the DL

Alright, here’s what we know; Rhys Hoskins is heading to the DL after suffering a fractured jaw. This came in the 9th inning of Monday’s game against the Dodgers. The Phillies were losing and we tasked with something that not many teams have been able to achieve in recent years, coming back against Kenley Jansen. Jansen has been one of the best closers, if not the best, for the last few seasons. Hoskins was batting, next thing he knew there was an inside cutter coming in. Hoskins swung and somehow fouled the bat off of his own face. This caused the fracture in his jaw.


Is this really a bad thing??

Obviously, you never want to wish injury on a person but in this case, some time off might be a good thing. Hoskins got off to an insane start this season, but he has STRUGGLED since then. In his last 30 games, he is slashing .174/.266/.294 this is not good. Hoskins has just two home runs and 29 strikeouts in those 30 games.


This is where I ask the question, is this really a bad thing for Hoskins to head to the DL? I think this is exactly what he needs. He needs to step back and evaluate his struggles without any pressure to perform. We all know that Philadelphia is a tough city to play in, especially when a team is playing well. That is exactly how the Phillies look this season, like real contenders.

This could be a turning point for the Phillies

Every great team has had to overcome adversity during the season. Now I’m not saying that the Phillies are a great team yet, but I believe they are on their way there. This could really be a turning point for them as a team this season. Rhys Hoskins is no doubt a huge part of the Phillies plan for the future, and it will be interesting to see how they are able to play without his presence in the lineup.

Odebul Herrera is playing out of this world right now, but if we are being realistic, this is not something that he has been able to sustain for an entire season. This is why Hoskins’ struggles have been so important. What I mean is this, eventually, Herrera will regress and that is when someone else will need to step up. All eyes will be on Hoskins to perform, and with this stint to the DL, I believe he will be able to do that. Some time off will certainly clear his head.

Hoskins’ headache of a stretch

As I said before, Hoskins has really struggled in his last 30 games. Which is why time off/away from playing will most likely help him.


This may be too soon, but this ball to the face might knock some sense into Hoskins. (I know I know, a lame attempt at some humor to get over the fact that this situation could be bad if it requires surgery.) As you can see from the tweet above, Hoskins has been pressing WAY too hard. He is trying to hit a three-run home run when there is no one on base every single time. That is simply not possible.

Hopefully, this is nothing serious for Hoskins. To lose him for an extended amount of time could be catastrophic for what the Phillies are trying to accomplish this season. Although he has not played up to his potential this season, everyone needs to remember that he hasn’t even played a full major league season yet. He is young, and there will be bumps in the road, the hope is that he will be able to push through and become the player that the Phillies know he can be.

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